Our consultants and trainers

Our Trainers hold relevant industry and educational qualifications and are experts in their industry. They maintain memberships and contact with industry organisations and understand current trends and issues facing their industry.

Provided below are some of our Trainers - we have an extensive group available in each industry area. 

Our Business Account Managers also have broad experience in industry, and can match your business with the right training quickly.

Business Services

Gabrielle Renneberg


Career background and experience

Gabrielle has a vast experience in workforce development and capability from working in management roles in several government organisations.

Isabel McIntyre

Human Resource Management

Career background and experience

Isabel has been teaching at TAFE for 18 years, and has worked in the manufacturing industry and in education for over 30 years.
This experience has proved invaluable in her teaching at TAFE, where she contributes to the design, development and teaching of numerous programs and courses.

Jennifer Barlow


Career background and experience

Jennifer has taught at TAFE for over 25 years. Prior to working in TAFE, Jenny was a research officer for the Austrlia Bureau of Statistics (ABS). This experience has proved invaluable in her teaching at TAFE, where she contributes to the design and development of online courses for Sydney TAFE and teaches numerous courses in her field. Jenny’s passion for teaching and dedication to sharing her knowledge has seen her teach in industry across South Eastern Australia and for TAFE in Hong Kong.

John Ring


Career background and experience

John has been teaching at TAFE for the last 20 years and has over 30 years of industry experience which includes ownership of his own business to employment in both the public sector and private enterprise. This experience has proved invaluable in his teaching at TAFE, where he contributes to the design, development and teaching of numerous programs and courses in his fields.

Lekha Ganatra


Career background and experience

Lekha has taught at TAFE for the last 18 years, and has over 25 years of industry experience. Her passion for teaching, sharing knowledge and expertise was rewarded when she received the prestigious ‘Quality Teaching Award’ from the New South Wales Minister of Education and Training in 2007.

Mark Mugridge


Career background and experience

Mark has been teaching at TAFE for the last 9 years and has over 25 years of industry experience. His experience spans from ownership of his own business to employment in both the public sector and private enterprise. This experience has proved invaluable in his teaching at TAFE, where he contributes to the design, development and teaching of numerous programs and courses in his fields.

Matthew Roberts

Project Management

Career background and experience

Matthew has a broad technical background with extensive experience in database design, construction and management, system admin (Unix and Wintel), system design and build, and project management. He has achieved many complex IT implementation and redesign projects including: Oracle Business Suite implementation project, including recruitment, promotion and training and implementation of hardware and applications, Designed Disaster Recovery Procedure and Complete Disaster Recovery rehearsals, Design and Manage Oracle Sales Analyser (OLAP Database) system revamp and rectification, and Database Install and Administration for Oracle Financials implementation.

Rachel Ingram

Human Resource Management

Career background and experience

Rachel has been teaching at TAFE for the last 4 years and has over 10 years of industry experience, including employment in both the public sector and private enterprise in a variety of management roles both in Australia and overseas. This experience has proved invaluable in teaching at TAFE, where she contributes to the design, development and teaching of numerous programs and courses in his fields.

Scott Gibson Harper

Project Management

Career background and experience

Scott is responsible for the development and delivery of Diploma and Certificate IV in Project Management. He also facilitates, trains and assesses learning requirements based on PMBOK methodology, with students demonstrating applied learning on work place projects. Developing student professional and leadership skills thereby ensuring the effective delivery of projects in the work place.

Construction & Property Services

Mark Hawkins

Carpentry and Joinery

Career background and experience

Mark is Trade Qualified Carpenter and Joiner, and a Licensed Builder. He has a broad background in the building and construction industry with extensive experience civil, commercial, shopfitting and residential construction. His various roles in industry have included Leading Hand and Foreman for large commercial building companies, sub-contractor Carpenter and small business operator (Residential Builder).

Steve Norton

Carpentry Building

Career background and experience

Steve has worked in domestic, commercial and industrial carpentry, building, locksmithing and security, building maintenance and excavation, focusing on  domestic renovations and alterations.  still work in residential building.

Foundation & General Education

Caroline Kane

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Career background and experience

Caroline has over 20 years teaching experience delivering vocational Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) programs in college environments and workplaces.
Caroline has extensive experience in the delivery of workforce development programs for vocational teachers and LLN professionals, such as the delivery of the LLN (TAELLN411) unit upgrade.

Merryn Thatcher

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Career background and experience

Merryn has over 20 years’ experience in teaching Literacy, Numeracy, and Employability Skills.

She has respected relationships with managers and coordinators from many organisations, including the Sydney TAFE Aborginal Education and Training Unit ('Yulang'). Merryn has experience mentoring organisations such as Mulga Gidgee and AE4, and other third parties critical to the programs such as DEEWR and job network providers.

Regina Crollini

Adult Basic Education

Career background and experience

Regina has taught numeracy and mathematics at TAFE NSW since 1990. She has taught a wide cross section of students ranging from beginner numeracy students to students studying the Higher School Certificate and Tertiary Preparation Course.

Regina has co-written a number of numeracy resources for the Open Training Education Network (OTEN), as well as resources for use in the Carpentry and Electrical Trades. She has been involved in a number of projects promoting collaborative teaching with the vocational sections.

Tim Campbell

Tertiary Preparation Course

Career background and experience

Tim has taught the Tertiary Preparation Course for more than a decade at Sydney TAFE.  During this period, he has won the Sydney TAFE ‘Teaching Excellence’ Award several times.
Current industry links and training related information

Health & Community Services

Fran Hughes

Child and Family Services

Career background and experience

Fran has over 27 years of working in the industry in long day care centres and pre-schools.

Language & Communication

Michael Clarke


Career background and experience

Michael has worked for TAFE since 2000, and is an award winning teacher. He has an extensive background in Writing, Communication and Media.
He has been employed as a journalist and copywriter in several radio stations and media companies across Australia.

Sport & Recreation

Jennifer Benson

Health and Recreation

Career background and experience

Jennifer has over 20 years in the outdoor recreation and sport industries. Jennifer provides roping training for the Australian Federal Police at their training facility in Canberra and is a Sydney TAFE representative to Service Skills Australia.

Karen McLaren

Health and Recreation

Career background and experience

Karen has over 20 years in the fitness industry specialising in exercise rehabilitation primarily with older adults and hydrotherapy.

Liz Wells

Health and Recreation

Career background and experience

Liz has over 20 years of experience in the sport and fitness industry specialising in exercise with children and group exercise for all ages and abilities.

Tourism, travel & hospitality

Garry Hartley

Travel, Tourism and Events

Career background and experience

Garry has worked in the travel industry since the early 1980’s.

He has worked as a Tour Manager with various companies that included travel through Europe and North Africa, Asian overlands and South East Asia. He has also worked in America and London in the early days of Flight Centres. In the late 1980’s Garry was NSW GSA for Peregrine Adventures then Manager for Classic Oriental Tours.

Marie De Bella

Tourism and Hospitality

Career background and experience

Marie has worked in a variety of roles as a duty manager in clubs. She has vast experience in gambling counselling services: assisting gamblers, family members and friends of gamblers.
Marie has a Bachelor of Business in club management focusing on Gaming and the Psychological impacts of gambling and has studied gambling counselling.

Paula Meyer

Travel and Tourism

Career background and experience

Paula has worked in the tourism sector in the areas of destination marketing, event management, market research, policy and planning, regional and product development.

She developed training and participant resources for the ‘Tourism Project’ for the Kingdom of Tonga and travelled to Tonga to deliver training to the local population.

Paula also worked in the United Arab Emirates for TAFE NSW in a joint government project, developing and delivering tourism training for Emirati Nationals studying the Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management. She co-wrote and delivered the highly successful and well recognised ‘Enhancing the Guest Experience Program’ for the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, which delivered training to over 1,200 staff employed as tour guides and within hotels and visitor attractions.

Tony Fonti

Hospitality Studies

Career background and experience

Tony has over 30 years of hospitality industry experience, plus in a managerial capacity, at five star hotels, large conference/exhibition centres, function centres, sporting stadiums, large and small clubs, restaurants, boardrooms both in Sydney and London.
He has 13 years’ experience as a teacher/trainer facilitator in all hospitality units.

Transport - automotive, air & marine

Captain Liam Gavin


Career background and experience

Captain Gavin was promoted to ship’s captain at 29 years of age in 1981 and became Harbour Master for the Ports of Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay in 1997.

During his career, he has made many contributions to the maritime industry. In 1998 he received a special award from the Irish President, while visiting Australia, for his contribution to the maritime industry. He was a member or Chairman of various committees associated with the Sydney 2000 Olympics including road transport and waterborne security.

Peter Denison


Career background and experience

Peter has been a TAFE teacher for 10 years and has taught both mechanical and auto electrical classes, worked for the curriculum centre in resource development, written the automotive HSC, and has been involved with the VTT as an advisor.

He began his career working in a private workshop that specialised in German makes, particularly in Porsche early in his career. Here he worked in a variety of areas including as a racing mechanic with the Porsche Cup. During this period Peter also trained as a mechanic and also an auto electrician.

Several of Peter’s roles during this period included: Porsche Club NSW technical instruction; Subaru Club NSW technical instruction; 4Wd Chassis Dyno operator; German vehicle specialist; Left to right hand vehicle conversions; Vehicle performance enhancement and modifications; Bosch technician training; engine and gearbox overhaul and performance builds.

Peter Newman


Career background and experience

Since starting his flying career in 1977, Peter has expanded his knowledge and experience over the years.

He has an Unrestricted Private Pilot Licence, a Class 4 Instrument Rating (Night Rating), a Commercial pilot Licence, a Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating, a Senior Commercial Pilot Licence, a fixed wing Flight Instructor Rating, an Air Transport Pilot Licence and Instructor Rating Instrument Flight Training Approval.

Business Account Managers

Elizabeth Metlege

Elizabeth Metlege, Commercial Programs Manager
Commercial Programs Manager

Ph: 02 9217 4504
Mobile: 0428 459 970

Contact Elizabeth Metlege

Providing strategic customised training solutions for large organisations and Public Private Partnerships. I ensure your workforce is qualified to deliver NSW major projects on time and on budget. I will help you discover how our premium service can enhance your company’s performance.

Gayle Sullivan

Gayle Sullivan, Business Account Manager Manufacturing, Engineering & Electrotechnology Faculty, Sydney TAFE
Manufacturing & Engineering Business Account Manager

Ph: 02  9217 4776

Mobile: 0448 485 199

Contact Gayle Sullivan

I will assist your business by determining the range of your staff training needs, including: compliance, improvement in production and positioning their market place.

Leanne Berry

Leanne Berry, Business Account Manager Sydney TAFE
Design, Media & Entertainment | Information & Communications Technology | Textiles, clothing & footwear Business Account Manager

Phone: 0419 648 350

Contact Leanne Berry

I specialise in providing client-based training solutions to upskill professionals. Training for your staff can cover the latest IT software in your industry, vendor certification and IT security. Our photography section offers workshops on ‘The use of images in social media’ which includes training on how to take images for your marketers and relevant staff. Our media section offers media training for politicians, sport starts and all professionals. Contact me to assist your team reach the next level.

Linda Perris

Linda Perris, Business Account Manager Community Services & Health Faculty, Sydney TAFE
Health & Community Services | Sport & Recreation Business Account Manager

Phone: 02 9469 8609

Mobile: 0421 084 569

Contact Linda Perris

Specialise in providing customised commercial training for public and private organisations across a broad range of industries to Advanced Diploma level.

Maria Perricone

Maria Perricone
457 VISA Project Manager

Ph: 02 9217 4570

Mobile 0417 928  255

Contact Maria Perricone

I have expert knowledge in Benchmarks A and B services plus our 457 team will assist your business with 457 visa payments. The success of the Scholarship fund program at Sydney TAFE can be attributed largely to our successful partnerships with industry, our passionate teaching staff and our 457 visa teams. Our teams are committed to supporting Australian businesses to meet their 457 visa requirements in a fast, simple and flexible way.

Paula Meyer

Paula Meyer Business Account Manager
Hair & Beauty | Retail Services | Tourism, Travel & Hospitality Business Account Manager

Phone: 9217 5254 

Mobile: 0428 715 779

Contact Paula Meyer

My experience in local and international businesses drives my strong belief that quality training underpins the success of any business venture. Sydney TAFE has the mix of acumen and commitment necessary to deliver the targeted training businesses need. Our global approach provides us with fresh insights into your sectors’ business. My commitment to ensuring optimum training outcomes for you and your business is backed by our team of dedicated, highly skilled and practically oriented tourism, events, hospitality, floristry, visual merchandising, hair and beauty and animal studies trainers. I will work closely with you to respond quickly, flexibly and effectively to ensure your business needs are met into the future.

Simon Williams

Simon Williams, Manager Government Programs, Sydney TAFE
Manager, Government Programs

Phone: 02 9217 3912

Contact Simon Williams

Expert knowledge in government funding and programs - I can assist you with connecting to the right funding program.

Sue Kennedy

Sue Kennedy, Business Account Manager Business and Finance Faculty, Sydney TAFE
Business Services, Business Account Manager

Phone: 9598 6447

Mobile: 0417 813 702

Contact Sue Kennedy

Specialising in creating solutions for commercial business clients especially in the management and administration fields.

Tony D’Andreti

Tony D’Andreti, Business Account Manager, Sydney TAFE Workforce Training
Construction & Property Services | Transport Business Account Manager

Phone: 02 9710 5872

Contact Tony D’Andreti

In partnership with you, I project manage your training priorities according to your preferences, timeframes and delivery style. Whether this is awareness training, skill sets or full qualifications, my role is help ensure the skilling of your staff best positions you to meet your business objectives now and into the future.