Language and Communication

Courses at Sydney TAFE are delivered by qualified and industry-experienced staff at one of our college locations or at your workplace.

The courses provided below are some of the courses for your industry area that can be tailored for delivery to your staff. 

Customised LOTE (Languages other than English)

Customised training in a range of Asian and European languages which will provide practical solutions to meet business needs.

Languages available: Arabic; Chinese Mandarin; French; German; Indonesian; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Russian; Spanish.

Four levels of nationally accredited courses are also offered at the Sydney TAFE Ultimo campus.

  • Certificate I  Beginner
  • Certificate II  Elementary
  • Certificate III  Intermediate
  • Certificate IV  Advanced

18-week evening and weekend classes on offer beginning each semester

Effective Workplace Communication

This workshop is for people from non-English speaking backgrounds who would like to communicate more effectively in the Australian workplace.

Learn about the communication process, type and style, effective listening and questioning skills, and how to handle difficult situations, intercultural communication and speaking strategies.

Essential Maths for Business Needs

Customised training to meet the needs of employees in a range of mathematical skills. Training will be negotiated with relevant stakeholders in any organisation to deliver outcomes for the business.

The level of mathematics is negotiated according to the needs of the business and the employees.

Pronunciation Workshop for Australian English

Designed to help participants from non-English speaking backgrounds with Australian English language pronunciation this workshop supports improved workplace communication.

It is helpful for people who have the requisite English language vocabulary but experience difficulties being understood due to pronunciation difficulties.

Writing Skills for Business

This workshop is for people from non-English speaking backgrounds who would like to improve their written communication, including business correspondence.

Learn how to structure memos, messages, letters, emails and reports. The workshop covers topics such as how to sequence information, draft and edit, lay out and format business/workplace texts.

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