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Business Account Managers

Elizabeth Metlege

Elizabeth Metlege, Commercial Programs Manager
Commercial Programs Manager

Ph: 02 9217 4504
Mobile: 0428 459 970

Contact Elizabeth Metlege

Providing strategic customised training solutions for large organisations and Public Private Partnerships. I ensure your workforce is qualified to deliver NSW major projects on time and on budget. I will help you discover how our premium service can enhance your company’s performance.

Gayle Sullivan

Gayle Sullivan, Business Account Manager Manufacturing, Engineering & Electrotechnology Faculty, Sydney TAFE
Manufacturing & Engineering Business Account Manager

Ph: 02  9217 4776

Mobile: 0448 485 199

Contact Gayle Sullivan

I will assist your business by determining the range of your staff training needs, including: compliance, improvement in production and positioning their market place.

Leanne Berry

Leanne Berry, Business Account Manager Sydney TAFE
Design, Media & Entertainment | Information & Communications Technology | Textiles, clothing & footwear Business Account Manager

Phone: 0419 648 350

Contact Leanne Berry

I specialise in providing client-based training solutions to upskill professionals. Training for your staff can cover the latest IT software in your industry, vendor certification and IT security. Our photography section offers workshops on ‘The use of images in social media’ which includes training on how to take images for your marketers and relevant staff. Our media section offers media training for politicians, sport starts and all professionals. Contact me to assist your team reach the next level.

Linda Perris

Linda Perris, Business Account Manager Community Services & Health Faculty, Sydney TAFE
Health & Community Services | Sport & Recreation Business Account Manager

Phone: 02 9469 8609

Mobile: 0421 084 569

Contact Linda Perris

Specialise in providing customised commercial training for public and private organisations across a broad range of industries to Advanced Diploma level.

Maria Perricone

Maria Perricone
457 VISA Project Manager

Ph: 02 9217 4570

Mobile 0417 928  255

Contact Maria Perricone

I have expert knowledge in Benchmarks A and B services plus our 457 team will assist your business with 457 visa payments. The success of the Scholarship fund program at Sydney TAFE can be attributed largely to our successful partnerships with industry, our passionate teaching staff and our 457 visa teams. Our teams are committed to supporting Australian businesses to meet their 457 visa requirements in a fast, simple and flexible way.

Paula Meyer

Paula Meyer Business Account Manager
Hair & Beauty | Retail Services | Tourism, Travel & Hospitality Business Account Manager

Phone: 9217 5254 

Mobile: 0428 715 779

Contact Paula Meyer

My experience in local and international businesses drives my strong belief that quality training underpins the success of any business venture. Sydney TAFE has the mix of acumen and commitment necessary to deliver the targeted training businesses need. Our global approach provides us with fresh insights into your sectors’ business. My commitment to ensuring optimum training outcomes for you and your business is backed by our team of dedicated, highly skilled and practically oriented tourism, events, hospitality, floristry, visual merchandising, hair and beauty and animal studies trainers. I will work closely with you to respond quickly, flexibly and effectively to ensure your business needs are met into the future.

Simon Williams

Simon Williams, Manager Government Programs, Sydney TAFE
Manager, Government Programs

Phone: 02 9217 3912

Contact Simon Williams

Expert knowledge in government funding and programs - I can assist you with connecting to the right funding program.

Sue Kennedy

Sue Kennedy, Business Account Manager Business and Finance Faculty, Sydney TAFE
Business Services, Business Account Manager

Phone: 9598 6447

Mobile: 0417 813 702

Contact Sue Kennedy

Specialising in creating solutions for commercial business clients especially in the management and administration fields.

Tony D’Andreti

Tony D’Andreti, Business Account Manager, Sydney TAFE Workforce Training
Construction & Property Services | Transport Business Account Manager

Phone: 02 9710 5872

Contact Tony D’Andreti

In partnership with you, I project manage your training priorities according to your preferences, timeframes and delivery style. Whether this is awareness training, skill sets or full qualifications, my role is help ensure the skilling of your staff best positions you to meet your business objectives now and into the future.