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Courses at Sydney TAFE are delivered by qualified and industry-experienced staff at one of our college locations or at your workplace.

The courses provided below are some of the courses for your industry area that can be tailored for delivery to your staff.

Introduction to Social Media

Learn best practices on Facebook and Twitter, understanding the elements of a robust social media strategy, building an audience, engaging with the audience, sharing content ,paid advertising risks and strategies.

The course will cover the basics of Google and Facebook analytics to measure and evaluate your activity. Participants will also learn the skills and knowledge to publish content including blogs, podcasts photos and videos  

Participants new to social media or already using social media but interested in learnings skills to build an audience and publish content.

Media Training

This introductory course provides a range of media skills including interviewing, writing and presenting for radio and video. It also provides a pathway to further study in journalism, radio and media.

Units covered:

  • Write content for a range of media
  • Conduct interviews
  • Develop techniques for presenting to camera
  • Write narration and current affairs material.
Create Your Own Infographics

How to simplify your message?  Learn the art of infographics.

Course overview
In our information heavy and time poor world, information graphics is becoming an increasingly popular and important communication tool, enabling you to communicate your message in a way that is attractive, succinct and meaningful. In this fundamental course you will gain an insight into the field and practice of information graphics. You will learn how to make a variety of infographic types using Microsoft Word and online tools and will have the opportunity to develop a meaningful information graphic poster using your own content. Additionally we will review your organisational brand requirements to ensure that your visual communication has the right look and feel.

Suitable for
Professionals in policy, big data and research who need to effectively communicate statistical findings, key messages and narratives to internal and external audiences.

About our course: Create Your Own Infographics

  • Delivered for 3 hours across 3 sessions.
  • Uses Word which is PC based and is highly accessible.
  • The course can be tailored and customised to suit the bespoke needs of the business.
  • Design industry experts offer firsthand training in design and graphics.

Benefits of the course

  • Provides the tools to articulate and tell a story in a different way.
  • Applies graphics to make it easier to present key messages.
  • Provides your team with the skills to think differently in illustrating information and figures.
  • Aims to upskill staff to make information easier for audiences to digest.
  • Offers a strong synergy with how we communicate using social media.    
  • Complements any organisation’s brand guidelines.

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