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Compliance and continuing professional development

Our Team can assist your business compliance and project manage your training

Increase your value in the industry by upskilling all your staff to the current industry standards at Sydney TAFE. Our training is based on the most up to date technology, compliance requirements and current industry trends.


Compliance courses help your organisation adhere to standards and meet legislative requirements in areas such as construction, training and assessment, alcohol service, workplace hygiene, safety and many more.

At Sydney TAFE, we will ensure that the course that we provide you will meet these standards, for example in hygiene, safety, training and assessment, responsible service and more.

Project Management

Through your partnership with Workforce Training, our staff can project manage your training and prepare the workforce you need to complete your projects within the required time frame. Whether its training apprentices, providing recognition of prior learning (RPL), customised training, compliance training or project management, we will be your partner and ensure you have continued support and successful outcomes.

Our Team specialise in workforce development and project management for a range of industries including construction, energy, transport, defence, engineering, finance, retail, hospitality, tourism, manufacturing, community service and healthcare.

Sydney TAFE is able to deliver, outsource and project manage your job from start to finish, no matter how big or small your needs are.

Continuing Professional Development 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses help your employees maintain, improve and update their skills and knowledge of processes, technology and legislation.

We can assist your business

Our Team can assist your business and staff with:

  • Formal education – training to pursue a formal award of accreditation.
  • Presentation of papers – your staff gain CPD hours for papers prepared for conferences, seminars and symposia conducted outside normal employment.
  • Learning activities – structured and recognised training that’s not part of a formal award.
  • Short courses and conferences – a related short course, workshop, seminar or conference.
  • Informal learning – extending knowledge and skills in industry or profession.
  • Industry involvement – employment in tertiary teaching and/or academic research that benefits the industry or profession. We can help your organisation meet its CPD requirements through a number of industry-endorsed courses and training programs.


Elizabeth Metlege

Elizabeth Metlege, Commercial Programs Manager
Commercial Programs Manager

Ph: 02 9217 4504
Mobile: 0428 459 970

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Providing strategic customised training solutions for large organisations and Public Private Partnerships. I ensure your workforce is qualified to deliver NSW major projects on time and on budget. I will help you discover how our premium service can enhance your company’s performance.

Gayle Sullivan

Gayle Sullivan, Business Account Manager Manufacturing, Engineering & Electrotechnology Faculty, Sydney TAFE
Manufacturing & Engineering Business Account Manager

Ph: 02  9217 4776

Mobile: 0448 485 199

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I will assist your business by determining the range of your staff training needs, including: compliance, improvement in production and positioning their market place.