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Competency and skills assessments

Get nationally accredited qualifications for your staff

Formal qualifications can open doors to employment and opportunities for advancement. In some occupations they are essential. There are ways you can have your skills assessed and formally recognised.

Skills Recognition

Our consultants will help you understand where your employees’ skills are now  – and where they need to be – our experienced consultants:

  • identify gaps between actual and required skills
  • evaluate relevant training staff have received – education, training, work and life experiences
  • determine your workforce requirements
  • develop highly targeted training programs.

This reduces both training costs and time and ensures that staff development is always highly focused.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

A TNA is a review of learning and development needs within an organisation. It considers the knowledge, skill and behaviours that people need and how to develop them effectively. In order to deliver appropriate and effective training which meets the needs of individuals and the organisation, and represents value for money, a TNA is essential.

Your Sydney TAFE TNA

A completely customised training solution can be developed and delivered and may include:

  • case studies
  • skills mapping
  • skills, training and compliance
  • review of employee skills identify to training needs
  • develop and manage your company’s position descriptions
  • connect employees to position descriptions to conduct a gap analysis
  • identify licenses and enterprise specific requirements
  • development of training needs reports
  • development of a compliance training calendar

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Do you have employees with experience but no qualification?

Sydney TAFE Workforce Training will formally recognise the skills, knowledge and experience of your employees towards the completion of a nationally accredited qualification.

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