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Courses at Sydney TAFE are delivered by qualified and industry-experienced staff at one of our college locations or at your workplace.

The courses provided below are some of the courses for your industry area that can be tailored for delivery to your staff.

Apply negotiation skills in an individual or group context

Specially designed for those learners requiring extra assistance with their own need to negotiate in the workplace.

In this unit you will develop the basic skills and knowledge you need to apply to negotiate in individual or group situations. The unit covers the skills you will need to analyse, plan and perform the negotiation and to evaluate the effectiveness of your negotiation.

When you complete this unit, you will be able to:

  • Analyse and plan for the negotiation
  • Participate in an individual or group negotiation
  • Evaluate an individual or group negotiation.

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Building customer experience

Many organisations talk about developing a true customer centred view. 

Understand how as a management team how to design, build and continuously improve the customer experience.

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Business administration (executive)

Understanding how an organisation functions, the role of leadership, people and systems.

The inter-relationship of its business units and how its design responds to its competitive environment.

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Change Management

Change is often a response to external factors, in what today is a rapidly changing marketplace, and if done well can provide true competitive advantage. 

In best practice it can be both part of the organisational structure, and embedded in its culture with its employees.

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Communicate in the Workplace

This unit covers gathering, conveying and receiving information, together with completing routine written correspondence.

Specifically you will:

  • gather, convey and receive information and ideas
  • complete workplace documentation & correspondence
  • communicate in a way that responds positively to individual differences

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Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement to core processes can be a key strength for operational excellence, particularly in a maturing market.  It provides a uniform incremental approach to design, change development and delivery.

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Creating Effective In-Store Displays

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Subjects covered:

  • Selling using effective Merchandise Presentation and Display
  • Store Presentation – Housekeeping, Pricing & Signage
  • Merchandise Presentation
  • Creating a display
Creating strategy

Understand how business strategy can be formulated and then implemented.  We review strategic analysis models, identifying environmental context and opportunity, and developing business value.

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Customer Service

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Stage 1: Building your business

Subjects covered:

  • What is Customer Service?
  • Customer service - its place in our business
  • Customer thinking
  • The customer experience
  • Customer complaints
  • Building our business through delivering customer delight.

Stage 2: customer service, focusing on face to face service

Subjects covered:

  • Practical tips in customer service delivery
  • The 5 steps of service delivery
  • Planning for a great customer experience
  • Recognising and plugging customer service gaps
  • Delivering a quality service.

An engine house of true competitive advantage and business value, innovation is the systemic development of discontinuous creativity, often in an accelerated delivery mode of design and change through prototyping. 

Develop a basic understanding of the key elements of innovation as a strategic capability.

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Leadership and management

Well executed leadership and management are important in inspiring and then controlling and directing teams. 

We look at personality profiling, and develop an understanding of leadership and management styles, and how they may relate to you and your team.

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Marketing for Managers

If the customer is truly one of the most important factors in an organisations thinking, then it is critical that the leadership team in any organisation have an understanding of marketing fundamentals.

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Upon successful completion of the Statement of Attainment, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the origin of conflict
  • Understand their own reaction to conflict
  • Differentiate between mediation, conciliation and arbitration and be able to apply/utilise the correct approach
  • Manage a mediation session
  • Resolve/determine the majority of disputes under the legislation through mediation and dispute resolution
  • Manage issues escalating to the tribunals, appeals board or higher judicial arenas, in a fair, equitable and professional manner.

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Microsoft Office 2010

This course is designed for people who want to gain new skills or update their existing computing skills for business, administration or computing roles. We can tailor these courses to suit your business needs.

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Microsoft® Word 2010

  • Understand the Word 2010 screens and menus
  • Create and modify documents
  • Set page margins and sizes
  • Work with paragraph formatting
  • Use indents, paragraph spacing and line spacing
  • Work with bullets and numbering

An advanced Microsoft Word 2010 workshop is also available. 

Microsoft® Excel 2010 

  • Work within the Excel 2010 environment
  • Understand the different sections of a spreadsheet
  • Open and navigate within a spreadsheet
  • Enter and edit data
  • Modify an existing spreadsheet
  • Create a new spreadsheet
  • Use basic formulae and functions to perform calculations

An advanced Microsoft Excel 2010 workshop is also available.  

Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010

  • Work with the basic features of PowerPoint
  • Create a new presentation and add slides with different layouts
  • Work with text and change attributes
  • Insert and modify graphics in a presentation

An advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 workshop is also available.  

Microsoft® Publisher 2010

  • Use Installed and Online Templates to create publications
  • Create Business Information Sets
  • Modify a publication's layout and structure
  • Edit content in the publication
  • Edit, format and link text boxes
MYOB Introduction

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Subjects covered:

  • Overview of MYOB and its capabilities
  • Explanation of the MYOB screen and menu bar
  • Understanding the command centre and its menus
  • Overview of Chart of Accounts
  • Overview of Card Files
  • Entering basic transactions including Payments receipts, Sales Invoices and suppliers Bills
  • Finding transactions
  • Displaying and Printing reports
  • Understanding the Setup menu and preferences.
  • Setting up Security preferences
  • Exiting MYOB

Other MYOB workshops are available, such as

  • Introduction to Suppliers’ Accounts
  • Introduction to Inventory
  • General Ledger
  • Banking
  • Introduction to Customers’ Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Introduction to GST and BAS
Organisational behaviour

People are a key source of competitive advantage to organisations.  This course investigates the impact that individuals, groups, structures and culture have on behaviour within an organisation.

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Project management

An introduction to project management and its foundational role in modern business practice. 

We develop a basic understanding of its core principles of project planning, scope, risk, time and cost management.

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Psychology of client engagement

The psychology of client engagement is from the Bachelor of Applied Finance (Financial Planning) AFPLN202A.

In this subject you will learn theoretical and applied facets of relevant psychological concepts applied to the client engagement process in an advisory capacity, focusing on principles from Social Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

Students will gain understanding on how thoughts, feelings and behaviours can be influenced by the social environment, through personal and social interaction. 

Students will develop skills to establish effective working alliances, interaction and client management skills in the working relationship.  This will comprise of professional interpersonal and communication skills, enhanced self-awareness and emotional intelligence, understanding of human behaviour and the intricate nature of relationships formed by different subgroups, cultural and social sensitivity, influencing skills, basic counselling and coaching skills and personality engagement.

Other short workshops you may have interest in are:

  • Stress Reduction in the workplace
  • WH&S
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Sustainability in the financial services industry
  • Business performance

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Quality Assurance
  • What are quality assurance and quality systems and who determines "good" quality?
  • What are the benefits of quality assurance systems how is Quality Assurance implemented and monitored?

This course will provide you with all the answers.

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Recruitment and Selection

Designed for the small business in mind. The right people are critical for a small business.

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Subjects covered:

  • workforce planning
  • advertising
  • interview skills
  • assessment methods
  • job offers & contracts
  • lots of tips, videos and links to resources to help a small
  • business
Represent your Organisation

The above cost covers two half day workshops for managers based on the unit of competency BSBATSIW514B .

The workshops will be developed and delivered in a very practical manner using stories and scenarios to develop key communication skills.

At the end of the workshop participants will have the ability to demonstrate:

  • Agreement on appropriate professional representation.
  • Agreement on some appropriate language and approaches for opening conversations and pursuing opportunities.
  • Agreement on language helpful for promoting ADHC.
  • A wider repertoire of helpful language which can be used immediately.
  • A ready range of responses to common questions or objections from others.
  • Some useful methods to respond to unexpected.

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Risk management

Risk management is an intrinsic part of operations management, and well delivered becomes a natural part of an organisations policies, procedure and culture.  We develop an understanding of some basic methods of risk identification and management.

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Subjects covered:

  • Identification of risks that can impact a business (i.e. legal, financial, human, economic, regulatory, criminal)
  • Assessment of risk severity to your business and prioritising
  • Developing contingency planning for identified risks
  • Planning to manage and monitor risks

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