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Apprenticeships and traineeships

Addressing national skills shortages through apprenticeship and traineeship programs

Sydney TAFE focuses on addressing national skills shortages through its dedicated apprenticeship and traineeship programs. 

Benefit from our knowledge and experience

At Sydney TAFE, we have a strong relationship with Industry, and as the preferred Registered Training Organisation, we bring together all major stakeholders including:

  • Group Training Organisations, who will outsource apprentices and meet employer obligations.
  • Australian Apprenticeship Centres and the State Training Authority, who will access incentive payments and provide other support to the employer and apprentice.

Apprentices and trainees learn and develop skills through a combination of hands-on experience and formal training. 

Information for apprentices or trainees

If you want to be an apprentice or trainee, read our apprenticeships/traineeships page for information about available courses, eligibility and how to get help or advice.

Government program expertise

Workforce Training can assist you with government programs, including new entrant and existing worker traineeships, pre-vocational programs leading to apprenticeships and fast track skills express programs for unqualified yet experienced trades’ people. 

Commonwealth and state funding programs

Sydney TAFE is at the forefront of changes to commonwealth and state funding programs. We will ensure that you and your contract companies obtain cost effective training by facilitating access to government funding whenever and wherever applicable. 

Training and Assessment Services

Our Team can provide training and assessment services under a wide range of funding models. We can access government funds for you - we will keep you informed when new programs are available.

The Australian Apprenticeships Program includes both apprenticeships and traineeships that combines training and employment leading to a nationally recognised qualification.

We can fast track Mature-age apprentices for a new career through recognition of their prior workplace learning and experience. 

Proven experience with apprentices and trainees

Get the advantage of our knowledge and ability in:

  • Tailoring flexible training for your apprentices and trainees. 
  • Organising on-site delivery of training and assessment services.
  • Coordinating training across contractor companies.
  • Coordinating training around shifts and down-time.
  • Matching competencies in training to current workplace tasks.
  • Developing training plans in partnership with the employer and apprentice.

Get the advantage for your business

Investing in apprentices or trainees can greatly benefit your business now and into the future – pass on knowledge and skills to the next generation of employees. You may be eligible for government financial incentives that often cover the entire cost of training.

As an employer you may benefit from:

  • Well-trained employees with skills tailored for your business.
  • Trainees using the latest work practices and technologies.
  • Fast-track training opportunities.
  • On or off-site flexible job training.
  • Payroll tax exemptions.
  • Employer online services

Sydney TAFE provides online access to registered employers of trainees and apprentices, where you can:

  • View your current trainee and apprentice enrolment details plus print reports and results.
  • Track attendance at training
  • Receive online notifications and information associated with your trainees and apprentices
  • Find out more about this service on our Recruitment matching page.

Employer e-Services

Employer e-Services is an online service provided to registered employers of apprentices and trainees enrolled at TAFE NSW. It allows you to follow the training progress of your apprentices or trainees, and you can print an employer report of completed results, view notifications and update your contact details.

Email us: si.apprenticeships@tafensw.edu.au or call our apprenticeship and traineeship hotline on 02 9217 4644 to arrange access to Employer e-Services or for assistance.

Download: Apprentice and trainee employer e-services brochure (PDF).

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