Learn Italian at Ultimo College

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Learn Italian

We offer Italian courses for beginners to advanced language learners. Our face-to-face classes are fun, interactive and designed to introduce you to both Italian language and culture. 

Classes cover Italian listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our class sizes are limited to ensure effective learning.

We have over 110 years of experience in teaching Italian and we are one of the oldest centres for learning Italian in Sydney.

Nationally-accredited Italian courses

Our Italian certificate courses are nationally-accredited qualifications recognised by employers and educational institutions around Australia. 

Students completing a TAFE certificate in Italian may be given credit for Italian units at university.

Certificate I in Italian

The Certificate I in Italian is suitable for beginners. 

You will start by learning how to introduce yourself and how to exchange personal details and information. You will learn basic transactional skills in Italian, such as booking a room, or placing an order.

You will also learn how to describe things you do every day and discuss what you did in the past and you will study the art, architecture, food, life and culture of Italy, Il bel paese (the beautiful country).

The Certificate I in Italian course also covers basic grammar.

Certificate II in Italian

This pre-intermediate-level course focuses on practical Italian language communication for work and social situations.

Certificate II in Italian covers topics such as daily life, travel and business. More complex grammar is introduced and an emphasis is placed on correct pronunciation.

Certificate III in Italian

This intermediate-level course focuses on practical Italian language communication for work, business, trade and social situations. Media and the internet are used to help your learning.

Certificate III in Italian covers topics such as buying food/clothes; describing people and objects; grammar (nouns, verbs, definite/indefinite articles, prepositions).

Classes also focus on correct pronunciation.

Certificate IV in Italian

This advanced-level course focuses on developing Italian language communication skills for complex vocational and social situations. You will further develop vocabulary learnt in Certificate III and consolidate your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Certificate IV in Italian covers topics in more formal contexts such as politics, education, IT and business. Grammar and pronunciation are further developed at an advanced level.

If you successfully complete the certificate you may be given credit for Italian units at university.