Learn Chinese at Ultimo College

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Learn Chinese in Sydney

Learn to speak Chinese (Mandarin) with our friendly, experienced teachers.  We offer Chinese (Mandarin) at Certificate I (beginners) to Certificate IV (upper intermediate/advanced).

Start in beginners where you will learn the basics and by the end of Certificate IV you will be able to exchange opinions, understand TV news, prepare a resume and write business letters.

"[Our teacher] is very engaging in teaching the language for beginners, whether it be reading, writing, listening, speaking [or teaching] Chinese history, [she] keeps us interested."

Student | Certificate I Chinese (Beginners)

Chinese for complete beginners and heritage learners

We stream our Chinese language classes to accommodate both complete beginners with no Chinese-language experience and people who speak Cantonese or another Chinese dialect like Shanghainese, Hokkien or Hakka but can’t write Chinese.

Because of the complex nature of the written language, Certificate 1 in Mandarin (Chinese) is delivered in two parts (Stage 1 and Stage 2) over two  semesters. Chinese background speakers may be able to start at Certificate 1 Stage 2 or higher

Chinese for beginners: Certificate I in Mandarin

If you are a beginner with no knowledge of Chinese then Certificate I in Mandarin (Chinese) is for you. You will start by learning how to introduce yourself and how to exchange personal details and information.

Certificate I in  Mandarin (Chinese) covers topics such as Chinese for social situations  including greetings, introductions, catching public transport and ordering food. Foundation grammar — including nouns, verbs, definite/indefinite articles, and prepositions — is introduced. Classes also focus on correct pronunciation.


Pre-intermediate Chinese: Certificate II in Mandarin

This pre-intermediate-level Chinese course focuses on practical Chinese language communication for work and social situations.

Certificate II in Mandarin (Chinese) covers topics such as daily life, travel and business. More complex grammar is introduced and an emphasis is placed on correct pronunciation.

The vocabulary focus is on practical Chinese language communication for work, business, trade and social situations. Media and the internet are used to aid learning.



Intermediate Chinese: Certificate III in Mandarin

Certificate III in Mandarin (Chinese) is an intermediate-level course focuses on practical Chinese language communication for work, business, trade and social situations. Media and the internet are used to aid learning.

The course covers topics such as buying food/clothes and describing people and objects. Chinese (Mandarin) grammar is further developed including nouns, verbs, definite/indefinite articles and prepositions. Classes also focus on correct pronunciation (tones).

Advanced Chinese: Certificate IV in Mandarin

Certificate IV in Mandarin (Chinese) is focused on communicating in complex vocational and social situations. Chinese vocabulary is further developed and literacy skills consolidated. 

The program covers topics in more formal contexts such as politics, education, IT and business. Chinese (Mandarin) grammar and pronunciation are further developed at an advanced level.

"[Our teacher is] very good at teaching a very hard language. Lots of energy!" 

Jill Blaufelder | Certificate IV in Mandarin (Chinese)