Ceramic Design Studio Gymea

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Our Ceramics courses

We offer flexible ceramics courses which cater to both beginners and professionals, who wish to upgrade skills and knowledge in contemporary ceramic practice.

Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma level courses are offered as well as some short courses and there are opportunities to participate in our open studio practice program.

You will have the opportunity to develop excellent technical, aesthetic and conceptual skills through a logically sequenced series of programs. Quality individual and group learning opportunities are provided at each stage of your studies.

Certificate courses in ceramics

We offer certificate level-qualifications that provide foundation skills and a pathway to further study in ceramics or the fine arts field.

Beginners are encouraged to start with the Certificate II or Certificate III in Visual Arts (Ceramics). Certificates II and III introduce and develop a range of foundation skills and techniques.

If you have some art experience, consider the Certificate IV in Visual Arts (Ceramics). In this course you will develop skills specific to ceramics technologies, materials and processes within a creative project framework.

Diploma of Ceramics

The Diploma of Ceramics focuses on the combined specialised technical, creative and conceptual skills you will need to develop your ceramics practice. You will be challenged and supported in planning, designing and realising a body of ceramic work that demonstrates in-depth skills specific to ceramics technologies, materials and processes.

We encourage you to evolve your own distinctive creative works for solo exhibitions within high-end galleries. We also support those with a keen interest in making marketable ceramic objects suitable for sale at community markets or individual designer homeware outlets.

Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts (Ceramics): extend yourself

The Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts (Ceramics) is for those who want to extend and refine their existing skills while developing new techniques and knowledge.

Learning focuses on critical, core professional and studio support skills including research and evaluation, use of new media, arts industry practices, art criticism, theory and history, portfolio preparation and exhibition practices, and creative use of media, tools and equipment.

You will demonstrate your skills through the creation of a body of unique work and portfolio supported by a visual journal and art theory. 

Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts (Ceramics): pathway to further study

Graduates of the Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts (Ceramics) may receive credit towards university-level studies. 

This course is offered in full-time and part-time study modes. VET Fee-Help is available for this course.

Ceramics short courses

The Ceramic Design Studio runs a range of short courses from introductory classes where participants learn the basics of wheel-throwing, glazing and firing through to advanced courses in which techniques for throwing larger and more complex and/or altered forms —such as teapots — are taught. 

Short course students also have the opportunity to participate in Ceramic Design Studio market days and exhibitions.