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So do we. Support services are available to you at every stage of your learning journey to ensure your success.

Disability and accessibility

If you have a disability, Sydney TAFE provides a range of disability services to assist you as an enrolled student or as a prospective student.

Go to our Disabilities support page for more information and contact details.

Aboriginal students

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people participate in education and training across Sydney TAFE's seven locations.

Yulang Aboriginal Education and Training Unit

Our Aboriginal education and training unit is known as Yulang. Yulang's Aboriginal staff are available to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with advice and support while studying at our colleges. Services include:

  • Advice about which courses might be right for you
  • Help with enrolment
  • Advice about applying for ABSTUDY
  • Tutorial assistance.

Talk to us at Yulang on 02 9217 4896.

Or talk to the Aboriginal Coordinator at your college:

  • Eora College, Petersham and Randwick Colleges
    Ph: 02 9469 8509
  • Design Centre Enmore
    Ph: 02 9217 4896
  • St George and Sutherland Colleges
    Ph: 02 9710 5183
  • Ultimo College
    Ph: 02 9217 5365.

Eora College

Eora College is the main centre of performing arts training and education for people of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background. If you're looking for a friendly, supportive community learning experience Eora is for you.  We offer courses for adults, school leavers and high school students.

Talk to us on ph: 02 9217 4878 or 1300 360 601 (Course Information).or view the Eora College pages.

International students

Our International Students Unit has full-time staff to look after your needs. Our International Student Coordinator can offer you advice and referral services for questions you may have about studying at Sydney TAFE, including questions about courses, housing, employment, tutorial support and visas. Counsellors are also available to give career, academic and personal advice.

Contact Sydney TAFE International Students Unit on Ph: +61 2 9217 3797 | Email: si.internationalstudents@tafensw.edu.au

Find out more about our courses and services for international students.

Outreach and community needs

Outreach programs are designed to make TAFE education and training accessible to people who face barriers to learning. Barriers can include family commitments, lack of recent work or study, lack of educational confidence, being unaware of opportunities or having a disability.

Our programs are especially designed to meet the needs of each student group and can include study in many different industry areas.

Each program has an experienced Course Coordinator to support students while studying with Outreach. The Coordinator also helps students to choose appropriate further courses which meet their individual study and work goals.

Contact an Outreach Coordinator:

  • Petersham College
    Ph: 02 9335 2548
  • Randwick College
    Ph:  02 9469 8591
  • St George College
    Ph: 02 9598 6371
  • Sutherland College 
    Ph: 02 9710 5004
  • Ultimo College
    Ph: 02 9217 5005

Multicultural needs

Multicultural Engagement Managers provide support and advice to stakeholders in the multicultural field.

Contact Multicultural Engagement

Jane Anderson, Multicultural Engagement Manager

Ph: 02: 9217 5349 | email: jane.anderson10@tafensw.edu.au

Personal counselling

As an enrolled student at Sydney TAFE you can see a counsellor about any issue – big or small – free of charge. Each year hundreds of students see our counsellors, so you’re not alone. We are committed to your well-being and study success.

You can make an appointment to talk about:

  • Workload and time management
  • Exam or assessment Anxiety
  • Money or work issues
  • Housing issues and homelessness
  • Financial or legal problems
  • Family or relationship matters
  • English language needs
  • Special needs
  • Physical or mental health concerns
  • Drug, alcohol use or gambling
  • Loss or grief
  • Health and sexuality
  • Anything else that’s worrying you.

To contact a TAFE counsellor or learn more about personal counselling services available to enrolled Sydney TAFE students, select Services and support at your college.

Job preparation and finding: Careers Connect

Careers Connect is a job vacancy and career skill development service for current Sydney TAFE students and recent graduates. Job vacancies are listed by employers wanting to employ current Sydney TAFE students and recent graduates.

Careers Connect officers can provide advice on structuring your resume, writing applications and addressing selection criteria. You can also talk to our counsellors about calming interview nerves, goal setting, career planning and other employment-related concerns.

Learn more or log in to Careers Connect

To learn more about Careers Connect or if you are already registered and want to log in to Careers Connect, go to your college: Design Centre Enmore | Eora College | Petersham College | Randwick College | St George College | Sutherland -  Loftus College | Sutherland - Gymea College | Ultimo College.

Child care centres

We have child care centres at Ultimo College, Sutherland College – Loftus campus, St George College and Petersham College. Places are open on a long day, short day or part-time basis to children under the age of six whose parents are enrolled in a Sydney TAFE course.

Fees are determined by the number of hours that your child attends a child care centre. You may be able to get fee assistance through Centrelink.

Preference for child care places is given to:

  • Re-enrolling students
  • Students enrolled in 20 hours or more of courses
  • Students from a non-English speaking background
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Students with disabilities.

To contact or learn more about a childcare centre select Services and support - Specialised help for ... at your college.

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