Australia has one of the world's best health systems. Modern, well-equipped hospitals, medical centres and doctors' offices are easy to access around Sydney.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Why you need OSHC

Health insurance, called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), is compulsory for international students studying in Australia. It covers you for certain medical costs if you need to visit a doctor or go to hospital.

You should check the OSHC policy carefully, including the details of what is covered. Extra cover is available for an additional fee.


Australia has an extensive road, rail and air transport system.

Public transport

Sydney has an excellent public transport system including trains, buses, ferries and light rail. Taxis are also easy to find, although they cost more than other public transport.

To travel on trains, buses, ferries and light rail you need a ticket. The most convenient is an Opal card - a smartcard ticket that you load value onto and keep for travel on all public transport in Sydney and surrounds.


There are several different options available for accommodation. Annual living costs have been estimated at A$18,610 by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Type of accommodation


'Homestay' is when you live with an Australian family in their home. The homestay family provides you with meals, laundry facilities and your own room with a study desk. You are usually asked to help with some household chores. Homestay also gives you the chance to practise your English every day at home.

Booking Homestay


Australia is a culturally diverse country with people from many different backgrounds living and working together.


We Aussies are open, friendly people who value cultural diversity and our multicultural lifestyle. We enjoy outdoor barbeques (BBQs), going to the beach, theatre, museums and restaurants.

We also love playing and watching sport, especially cricket, soccer, football, rugby, netball, tennis, surfing and golf. Whatever sport you play, you'll find like-minded Aussies here to share with while you live in Australia.


Here is what our International students have to say about studying at Sydney TAFE.

Naomi, Indonesia, Fashion

“Sydney TAFE is such a wonderful platform to reach my dream to be a fashion designer. The dedication of the teachers and the learning atmosphere is absolutely incredible. I have learnt much more than I expected. Sydney TAFE also assist me to gain more experience in said area. The dynamic structure and content of the lessons helps the students to push themselves further to be more creative and innovative.”


Sydney TAFE is located in Australia’s largest city in the state of New South Wales with six vibrant modern university-style campuses in the centre of Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

Our campuses are well-serviced with transport links and offer a wide range of cutting-edge facilities.

Sydney is a beautiful city, renowned for its clean and natural environment, stunning beaches, Sydney Harbour, multicultural festivals, superb food from all over the world and great weather.


Sydney offers a growing suite of world class associate degree and full bachelor degree programs, giving you a high level qualification as well as practical, usable skills.

  • All degrees include an internship or work experience program.
  • Graduates with 2 years study or more can apply for post-study work visa rights.
  • Sydney TAFE graduates are highly valued by employers.

Find out more about post-study work visa rights.


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