Student services

There are many services and channels for help that international students can access to ensure their Sydney TAFE study experience is the best it can be.

Services for international students include:


There are a number of scholarships and financial assistant programs offered to international students wishing to study at Sydney TAFE

International Student Scholarship

The Sydney TAFE International Student Scholarship is a partial scholarship for new students applying to study a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree course (minimum 1.5 years in duration). The scholarship of $2,000 will be credited towards your tuition fee on your third semester of studies.

Arrival services

Before you leave your home country make plans for someone to meet you in Australia at the airport. If you do not have family or friends in Sydney to meet you, Sydney TAFE staff can arrange airport pick-up and accommodation for a fee (A$140).

If you are choosing the services of one of our approved homestay services, the homestay provider can arrange airport pick-up and transfer from Sydney Airport to your homestay or other accommodation.

For more information contact us.



Each Sydney TAFE campus has its own library. When you enrol you also become a member of the library and have access to relevant and up to date information to assist with your studies. The library also offers:

  • Computer facilities
  • Group study rooms
  • Individual study areas
  • Printers/photocopiers

Libraries also offer a number of online services which are available 24/7. They are open extended hours to cater for both day and evening students.

Student association

The Student Association is here to make your time at Sydney TAFE more enjoyable by providing a range of great services, discounts, facilities and activities for students and staff.

All Sydney TAFE international students get free membership of the Student Association. When you receive your student card in your first week, make sure you visit the Student Association on your campus and ask to have your student card stamped.

Rights and responsibilities

The Australian Government wants international students to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding study experience in Australia.

Australia is one of the few countries to enact laws to ensure quality education and consumer protection. These laws are known as the ESOS Framework and include the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code 2007.

Help finding a job

Careers Connect is a job vacancy and career skill development service for current Sydney TAFE students and recent graduates. Job vacancies are listed by employers wanting to employ current Sydney TAFE students and recent graduates.

Careers Connect officers can provide advice on structuring your resume, writing applications and addressing selection criteria. You can also talk to our counsellors about calming interview nerves, goal setting, career planning and other employment-related concerns.


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