WGSN Insight database
WGSN Insight
New Trend Forecasting Resource

Our new online resource WGSN Insight provides information on the latest trends and innovations in:

• fashion
• visual merchandising
• marketing
• hairdressing and beauty
• hospitality
• music
• and more

WGSN Insight provides in-depth reporting on brand marketing, consumer behaviour, the retail experience and innovation trends, technologies and designs. Features include:


• Consumer attitudes segmented by generation and region
• Consumer forecasts predicting behaviours 2+ years ahead
• Reporting on the future of travel, technology, automotive, beauty, food, wellness and more


• Case studies of innovative marketing and creative campaigns
• Coverage of key takeaways from major industry events and conferences
• Seasonal round-up of top campaign trends


• The retail experience broken out by city, category and format
• Identifying predictive shopping behaviours
• Comprehensive analysis of online and offline retail strategies


• Trends that are shaping the market place
• Understanding emergent behaviours driven by new technologies
• New product ideas and design

WGSN Insight is a module of WGSN online information service.

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2 May 2017

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