Free mindfulness workshops
Be grounded: a richer, fuller life at TAFE NSW

“Mindfulness just means being aware of the present – the here and now. It’s about being in the moment, in your body – not being on autopilot,” says Serap Yeni, a TAFE Counsellor and registered psychologist.

TAFE NSW is running short ‘mindfulness and relaxation’ sessions to help students develop skills in being grounded and mindful.

“Regular practise of mindfulness-based activities reduces stress as it gives you a break from the constant chatter in your head while increasing your ability to concentrate and focus.

“Being grounded is the foundation of being mindful. And to be mindful, you need to practise putting aside your worries about the future and regrets about the past. We have no control over the past. And the future is created gradually from our present experiences. Mindfulness helps us to a richer, fuller life because we notice the things around us.”

Join TAFE counsellors at the following ‘mindfulness and relaxation’ sessions:

11 September, Monday
12 September, Tuesday
18 September, Monday
20 September, Wednesday


10 March 2017

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