Psychology Week 2017 Morning Tea at TAFE NSW Loftus Library
Play "Mental Health in the Digital Age" Kahoot game to win prizes
Tuesday, 14 November 2017 -
11:00am to 1:00pm


TAFE NSW Loftus Library BG 02 Ground floor Building B Rawson Avenue Loftus NSW 2232


Ph.: 97105834

Psychology Week is a campaign initiated by Australian Psychological Society (APS).

In 2017 the Australian Psychological Society (APS) is continuing the Compass for Life campaign, to help Australians improve their happiness and wellbeing by promoting Ways to Thrive.

This year the focus will be “Thriving in the digital age”.

Join us for Morning  Tea in the library! Watch video presentation on how to manage your digital self, checkout book display, share your thoughts on digital life.

Let’s have a cup of tea, play Kahoot game and celebrate ways to thrive. The theme of Kahoot game is Mental Health in the Digital Age, learn some tips on how to thrive in the Digital Age and win some prizes! 

Prizes are proudly provided by TAFE NSW Counselling and  Career Development Unit. 


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