TAFE at school

You can study a TAFE course while you’re still at school.

Studying a TAFE course while you're finishing secondary school means you can:

  • Gain work skills
  • Complete units that count towards your Higher School Certificate (HSC)
  • Start a TAFE NSW qualification.

What is TVET?

TAFE at school courses are commonly referred to as 'TVET' courses. TVET stands for ‘TAFE-delivered vocational education and training’.

You attend TVET classes as part of your regular school schedule. Courses are delivered at school or at a Sydney TAFE campus.

When you finish your TVET course you’ll receive a nationally-recognised Certificate or Statement of Attainment.

See the TAFE NSW TVET Course Guide online.

Does TVET contribute to my HSC or ATAR?

All TVET courses contribute to your HSC, but not all TVET courses contribute to your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

See the TAFE NSW TVET Course Guide for details.

Can I get credit for further TAFE studies?

Most TVET courses articulate (give you credit) into further TAFE NSW studies.

If you successfully complete TVET units, you can apply for advanced standing in any TAFE course that contains those units. This means you won’t have to repeat any subjects that you have successfully completed as part of TVET.

Is work placement part of TVET?

Many TVET courses involve work placement so you can get on-the-job experience. You also get to put into practice the skills you learn at school or on campus as part of your TVET course.

TVET work placement is usually organised by our work placement coordinators however, you can talk to our placement coordinators if you have a suggestion for a workplace.

What are school-based apprenticeships and traineeships?

You don’t have to wait until you leave school to do an apprenticeship or traineeship.

With school-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SBATs) you can start while still at school, and get part-time paid employment while you study.

Find out more:

What are trade schools?

Our trade schools offer senior high school students a broad range of vocational training opportunities including part-time traineeships and part-time apprenticeships. Each trade school has its own specialisations:

  • Sutherland Trade School offers training in carpentry and joinery, electro-technology, hospitality and plumbing.
  • St George Trade School offers training in automotive, electro-technology and health services assistance.
  • Randwick Vocational College offers training in carpentry and joinery and children’s services.

At St George and Sutherland, students study academic subjects at their local school and choose vocational training subjects offered at our trade schools.

Randwick Vocational College is slightly different. If you have finished Year 10 and the school classroom isn’t for you, Randwick Vocational College offers a vocationally-orientated HSC program that provides hands-on learning in an environment that’s very different to school. 

How do I apply?

TVET course guide 

Find our about courses on offer in our latest TVET Course Guide.

School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Find out what courses are available:

More questions?

Call the Sydney TAFE Information Centre on 1300 360 601 or contact the TVET Coordinator at the college you want to attend:

TVET at the Design Centre Enmore | TVET at Eora College | TVET at Petersham College | TVET at Randwick College | TVET at St George College | TVET at Gymea Campus | TVET at Loftus Campus |  | TVET at Ultimo College

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