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Access to Vocational Pathways - Certificate I

Accounting - Certificate IV

Accounting - Diploma

Advanced Business Leadership Skills - Statement of Attainment

Ageing Support - Certificate IV

Applied Commerce - Diploma

Applied Commerce majoring in accounting - Bachelor

Applied Commerce majoring in financial planning - Bachelor

Arts Administration - Certificate IV

Auslan - Certificate III


Banking Services - Certificate IV

Basic English for Speakers of Other Languages - Certificate II

Bookkeeping - Certificate IV

Building and Construction (Building) - Certificate IV

Building and Construction (Building) - Diploma

Business - Certificate II

Business Administration - Certificate III

Business Leadership Skills for Senior Leaders - Statement of Attainment


Career Preparation - Certificate II

Community Services - Certificate IV

Community Services - Diploma

Complier/Classifier Skill Set - Statement of Attainment

Customs Broking - Diploma


Database Design and Development - Diploma

Design Fundamentals - Certificate III

Disability - Certificate IV


Electrotechnology Electrician - Certificate III

Engaging with Communities and Audiences - Statement of Attainment

English for Further Study - Certificate III

Enterprise and Career Skills - Certificate IV

Essentials of Importing and Exporting - Statement of Attainment

Essentials of Importing and Exporting - Statement of Attainment


Financial Planning - Diploma

Fundamental English for Speakers of Other Languages - Certificate I


Government - Certificate IV

Graphic Design - Advanced Diploma

Graphic Design - Diploma


Health Services Assistance (Assisting in nursing work in acute care) - Certificate III


Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community) - Certificate III

Individual Support (Disability) - Certificate III

Industrial Electronics and Control - Certificate IV

Information Technology - Advanced Diploma

Information Technology Project Management - Advanced Diploma

Information Technology Support - Certificate IV

Information Technology Systems Administration - Diploma

Information, Digital Media and Technology - Certificate III

Intermediate Creative Skills - Statement of Attainment

Intermediate Digital Design Skills - Statement of Attainment

International Freight Forwarding - Statement of Attainment

International Freight Forwarding (Senior Operator) - Certificate IV

International Trade - Certificate IV

Interpreting Construction Plans and Understanding Building Approvals - Statement of Attainment

Introduction to Digital Design Skills - Statement of Attainment

Introduction to Graphic Design Skills - Statement of Attainment

Introductory Design for Screen Printing - Statement of Attainment


Keyboarding: Speed and Accuracy Test - Statement of Attainment


Leadership & Business Skills for Senior Managers - Statement of Attainment

Leadership and Management - Advanced Diploma

Leadership and Management - Diploma

Leisure and Health - Certificate IV

Logistics - Certificate III

Logistics - Certificate IV

Logistics - Diploma


Managing Creative Projects, Events and Public Programs - Statement of Attainment

Marketing and Communication - Diploma

Marketing and Sustaining your Project or Creative Business - Statement of Attainment


Nursing - Diploma


Preparation for Work and Training - Certificate I

Procurement and Contracting - Certificate IV

Programming - Certificate IV

Project Management Practice - Certificate IV

Property Services (Agency) - Certificate III

Public Sector Procurement & Contracts Management - Statement of Attainment

Public Sector Procurement & Contracts Management - Statement of Attainment

Purchasing - Certificate IV


Retail - Certificate III

Retail Customer Service - Statement of Attainment

Retail Visual Merchandising & Marketing - Statement of Attainment

Routine English for Speakers of Other Languages - Certificate II


Selling in a Retail Environment - Statement of Attainment

Skills for Vocational Pathways - Certificate I

Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways - Certificate II

Starting Up Creative Small Business or Community Projects - Statement of Attainment


Visual Arts - Advanced Diploma

Visual Arts - Certificate IV

Visual Arts - Diploma


Warehousing & Logistics - Statement of Attainment

Warehousing & Logistics Operations - Statement of Attainment

Warehousing Operations - Certificate III

Warehousing Operations - Certificate IV

WHS Work Health and Safety - Statement of Attainment

WHS Work Health and Safety - Statement of Attainment

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