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Mon 12 Feb 2018
 –   Design Centre
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  • Creative Product Development course details

    Course description and aims

    Aimed at those with high level creative and conceptual skills who wish to take their knowledge to a commercial level, this course crosses a range of art industry contexts and focuses on the skills needed to research, analyse, conceive and develop new ideas, and to negotiate solutions.

    Participants can study copyright, innovative product design, creativity theory and a host of elective options that include collaboration, creative public displays, design development, innovative thinking, business related topics and revenue management.

    Course outcomes and careers


    Entry requirements

    There are no entry requirements for this qualification

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    Design Centre
    Full Time
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    Mon 12 Feb 2018
    Course duration:
    32 Weeks
    Financial Assistance:
    VET Student Loan
    16 Hours per week
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    Attend the following information session to meet with the teaching staff, discuss the course and get more information about enrolment and next steps.

    Wednesday, 11 October 2017, at 6:00pm at Design Centre Enmore, 110 Edgeware Road, Building A, Level 1, Room A1.08; OR
    Wednesday, 1 November 2017, at 6:00pm at Design Centre Enmore, 110 Edgeware Road, Building A, Level 1, Room A1.08; OR
    Wednesday, 6 December 2017, at 6:00pm at Design Centre Enmore, 110 Edgeware Road, Building A, Level 1, Room A1.08; OR
    Wednesday, 31 January 2018, at 6:00pm at Design Centre Enmore, 110 Edgeware Road, Building A, Level 1, Room A1.08.

    Indicative timetable:

    You will need to attend approximately 16 hours of class a week over 3 days. An indication of how your weekly timetable may look will be discussed on your orientation.

    How to enrol or apply:


    Before you enrol you must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Visit to request a USI. Remember to add Sydney TAFE to your account via the Manage Permissions page (code: 90003, name: TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute).

    Find out more about applying and enrolling:

    Fee information:


    This course is approved for a Commonwealth VET Student Loan (VSL). If you meet the VSL eligibility and academic suitability requirements, you are able to apply to the Commonwealth for a loan to cover all or part of your course fee. We will ask you whether you would like to apply for a VET Student Loan when you enrol and advise you of the process.

    Find out more about VET Student Loans at

    Direct payment by Unit of Study instalments is available for this course.

    The Units of Study and associated fees for this course are detailed below. Fees are charged on the census day for each unit of study. To secure a loan for part or all of your course, you must be eligible and submit a valid application to the Commonwealth for a VET Student Loan. You may withdraw prior to the census date without incurring a fee.

    Find out about recognition:


    Fees, payment and refunds:

    Financial assistance:

    Other Information:

    Class times may vary but most commonly occur between 9:00am to 6:00pm, depending on the availability of specialist teachers, life models and guest lecturers. Plus an additional 20 hours per week of independent study to practice the skills developed in class and to access the online learning resources.

    PORTFOLIOS: Entry into the Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development (2D or 3D Concept Art) is by application, which includes a portfolio review.
    The course includes some common core subjects and two groups of specialist electives to encourage students to develop a deeper set of skills in either 2D digital concept art or 3D digital concept art.

    The 2D electives focus on drawing and painting skills (both traditional and digital) and are an excellent choice for students who are artistically minded with good drawing skills looking to develop more specialised skills and knowledge to become a digital 2D artist for feature films, TV and games. Stronger portfolios for applicants interested in these 2D electives usually include drawings, sketches or paintings of real-world objects, people and places.

    The 3D electives focus on digital 3D modelling, texturing, and games artistry skills and are an excellent choice for students who are technically minded and comfortable using visual art and design software and who are looking to develop specialised skills to become a 3D artist for feature films, TV games and virtual reality. Stronger portfolios for applicants interested in these 3D electives usually include digital paintings and designs and any real-word or digital 3D creative work.

    Portfolios should be submitted digitally as a web/blog URL, as scans or photos via email to or on a USB.

    Units of Study

    CodeNameStart DateEnd DateCensusAmount
    UOS VSL-Advanced Diploma Creative Product Development2018/02/122018/04/132018/04/03$2500.00
    UOS VSL-Advanced Diploma Creative Product Development2018/04/302018/06/222018/06/04$2500.00
    UOS VSL-Advanced Diploma Creative Product Development2018/07/232018/09/282018/08/06$2500.00
    UOS VSL-Advanced Diploma Creative Product Development2018/10/152018/11/232018/11/05$2500.00


    NumberSubject nameNominal hours
    ICTGAM525Apply digital texturing for the 3-D environment in digital games30
    CUAPPR602Collaborate in professional creative projects50
    ICTGAM521Create interactive 3-D environments for digital games30
    ICTGAM514Design and create models for a 3-D and digital effects environment50
    CUADES601Design innovative products50
    BSBWHS501Ensure a safe workplace60
    CUAPPR605Evolve ideas for professional creative work50
    CUAPPR606Extend expertise in a specialised art form to professional level80
    CUAACD602Extend professional expertise across new art forms and media50
    CUAACD601Extend professional expertise with drawing and other visual representation tools60
    BSBDES501Implement design solutions60
    CUAIND502Maintain and apply creative arts industry knowledge50
    CUACMP501Manage copyright arrangements20
    CUAPPR601Originate a body of independent creative work75
    BSBCRT501Originate and develop concepts30
    CUAPPR503Present a body of own creative work60
    CUADIG508Refine digital art techniques80
    CUAACD501Refine drawing and other visual representation tools70
    CUASCU501Refine sculptural techniques80
    CUAACD505Work with the human form in creative practice50

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