Online access and login

As part of Sydney TAFE, all Loftus campus students have access to a range of online services including the student portal, student email and student records.

Your username and password

Enrolled TAFE students are issued a Department of Education and Communities (DEC) username and temporary password; these will be printed on your TAFE NSW fees receipt.

Your username is formatted firstname.lastname, e.g. jan.citizen. There may also be a number in your username. e.g. jane.citizen21.

Your DEC username and password is what you use to access most online resources and services for your course, including:

  • Student portal — student email, Moodle, Student eServices and the Careers Connect jobs database
  • Library resources online — eBooks, specialist information databases for your studies.

Manage your password

Your username and password should be printed on your TAFE NSW fees receipt. If not, please contact the Design Centre Enmore's Student Administration/Customer Service Centre.

Activate your temporary password

  1. Log on to the student portal - when entering a temporary date-of-birth password you must include the slashes (eg. 16/08/1992)
  2. Go to the My Profile tab and look for change password
  3. Set up to three (3) secret questions and answers

It can take up to 10 minutes for the new password to be activated.

Reset your password

If you have forgotten you password you will need to have it reset.

Reset your password in person or by phone

You can reset your password in person at our Customer Service Centre.

Customer Service Centre staff can reset your password if you can provide your:

  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Current course details (course name or number), and
  • Your student ID number/barcode (found on your TAFEcard).

Reset your password online

You can reset your password online if you have set one or more secret questions.

Set up a secret question to reset your password online

When you first login to the student portal you should change the password given to you during enrolment. You can also set up a secret question so that you can reset your password online at any time. Look for the Change password link above the email box/envelope icon to change your password or set up a secret question.

You will need to provide your mobile number for this service.

Student portal

The TAFE NSW student portal is managed by the Department of Education and Communities (DEC). Use the portal to access:

  • Student eServices
  • Student email
  • Moodle - online learning environment/classroom - if required for your course.

Your student portal page can be customised to suit your needs. You can:

  • Use the calendar to record important events, such as assignment due dates and exams
  • Use the timetable tool to enter your subject, teacher and room location details
  • Use the links tool to add and save favourite web links.

Log in to the TAFE NSW Student Portal.

Moodle – your online classroom

Some of your units of study or learning activities may be offered online through Moodle, Sydney TAFE's learning management system.

Login to:

Student email

All enrolled Sydney TAFE students have a TAFE NSW student email account.

To access your email, use your DEC username and password to login to the student portal and look for the email box/envelope icon.

Your TAFE NSW student email account features:

  • Mailbox capacity of 7GB
  • Messages up to 20MB can be sent or received
  • Spam protection using Google's anti‐spam software
  • Easy searching using Google allows quick searching for email.

When using your student email account you agree to follow TAFE NSW computer use policies.

Student eServices

Student eServices is where you can:

  • View your enrolment details
  • Update your contact details
  • View your results
  • Get details of exams
  • Change your password
  • Pay outstanding fees
  • Request transcripts
  • Enrol/re-enrol online.

Use your DEC username and password to login to the student portal and look for the eServices box.

Library online

Access professional resources and databases, eBooks, journals, magazines and streamed video 24/7.

Wi-Fi access on campus

You will need your DEC username and password to use the Wi-Fi service on campus.

Need help? Got questions about online access?

For help logging in — or any other student account issues — please contact the Loftus TAFE Student Administration/Customer Service Centre.

Got questions? Need help?