Disability and accessibility

Our Teacher-consultants are here to assist you to achieve your study goals. Our services include access and mobility strategies, learner support, exam assistance, note-takers and interpreters, identifying and training in the use of adaptive technologies.

Access and mobility

Teacher-consultants can arrange appropriate access on behalf of students or they can organise the location of a class to be changed. They can also:

  • Assist with organising attendant care
  • Give or organise college orientation
  • Provide mobility training.

Learning support

Learning support services can help you reach your study goals. Learning support is organised through the Teacher-consultant and is based on your individual needs. Learning support can be one-to-one or in a group.

Examples of learner support:

  • Organisation or explanation of class notes
  • Writing and study skills
  • Help with assignments
  • Modification of learning materials
  • Organisation of assessments in alternative formats
  • Training and assistance in using adaptive technology.

Assistance for exams

Exams can be given in different ways. This may be arranged by the Teacher/Consultant after discussions with you and the teacher. Exam assistance is flexible and, if necessary, may include one or more of the following services:

  • Extra time
  • Break times
  • A reader and/or writer
  • Exams rewritten in plain English
  • Interpreters for Deaf and hearing impaired students
  • Separate exam rooms
  • Adaptive equipment such as computers, reading and writing aids, special seating or lighting changes
  • Exam materials in different formats such as Braille or large print.


Note-takers go to class with you and take class notes in plain English. They can also explain the notes to you after class. Alternatively, you may prefer to use adaptive equipment such as a computer or FM listening equipment.


If you are Deaf or hearing impaired, an interpreter can be provided to communicate what is happening in the classroom. The interpreter will, as far as possible, communicate all discussions, information and demonstrations delivered by teachers and/or students in the class.

They will also communicate your comments to the rest of the class.

Adaptive technologies and equipment

Talk to your Teacher-consultant about the range of assistive technology that we can provide. It will depend on your personal needs however, it may include:

  • Audio systems such as FM systems and amplification devices
  • Computers and computer aids and software including screen readers
  • Wheelchair access and modified furniture
  • Manual dexterity assistance
  • Writing and reading assistance.

Contact Loftus TAFE Disabilities Support 

Some teacher-consultants work at more than one college so they may not be located at Loftus but can be contacted using the numbers below.


Area of servicePhone numbers
Chronic Illness/ Physical Disabilities02 9469 8642 or 0459 134 677
Deaf/Hearing Impaired02 9598 6399
SMS: 0409 515 251
TTY:  9588 9810
SKYPE: stgeorgetafedeaf
Mental Health02 9710 5193
Neurological/Specific Learning Disabilities02 9710 5879
Visual02 9217 4061