Outreach needs

Overcoming barriers to education

Outreach programs are designed to make TAFE education and training accessible to people who face barriers to learning. Barriers can include family commitments, lack of recent work or study, lack of educational confidence, being unaware of opportunities or having a disability.

Our programs are especially designed to meet the needs of each student group and can include study in many different industry areas.

Each program has an experienced Course Coordinator to support you while studying with Outreach. The Coordinator can also help you to choose appropriate further courses to meet your individual study and work goals.

Our programs

At Gymea, the Outreach section runs two program types — Work Opportunities for Women (WOW) courses and Community courses. Courses are usually part-time and can vary from two to three hours per weeks to 10 hours per week or more. 

Community courses

Sutherland Outreach runs general courses for people with barriers to learning in response to the needs of the community and the labour market. These courses are always at an introductory level and vary according to need.

In addition, Sutherland Outreach operates in partnership with local community groups to provide access to work and training for their clients. Courses can be specially designed to meet the particular needs of the client group and Community Workers are invited to discuss their needs with the Outreach Coordinator.

Work Opportunities for Women courses

Our Work Opportunities for Women (WOW) programs, run by our Outreach section, are especially designed to meet the needs of women seeking to re-enter work or training after a period of absence. They can include introductory level study in many different industry areas eg. tourism, events, hospitality, business administration, financial skills, computing.

Work Opportunities for Women (WOW) courses usually last for 17 weeks and start twice a year in February and July. WOW students graduate with a Certificate 2 in Skills for Work and Training.

Browse available Outreach/Skills for Work and Training courses

Browse the Foundatation Studies career page for general information and for links to Foundation Studies and Outreach courses (often called Skills for Work and Training). This will include courses running at all of Sydney TAFE's seven locations.

For courses running at Gymea you can also contact the Gymea Outreach Coordinator.

Contact the Gymea Campus Outreach Coordinator

Contact the Outreach Coordinator to find out what Outreach courses are running at Gymea TAFE this year:

Ph: 02 9710 5004.