Career and course counselling

Choosing the best job or career for you involves understanding yourself and what you need, understanding what jobs and careers are available and what skills or training are needed to be successful in a particular career.

St George TAFE offers professional course and career counselling to support you in your decision-making process. This is a free service for current students.

Career counselling can help

Our professional, friendly counsellors can help you with:

  • Identifying your strengths and skills
  • Interview and job search anxiety
  • Setting career goals and career planning
  • Choosing further study programs in support of your career goals.

Counselling confidentiality

Your privacy is important to us. If you have seen us for a counselling session we cannot tell staff, family or anyone else that you have seen us or what you have said, unless:

  • we have your permission
  • we are required by law, or
  • we need to protect you or others from serious harm.

You are welcome to discuss details of confidentiality and privacy policies with the counsellor.

Planning further study

Are you planning further study when you finish your current Sydney TAFE course? You are welcome to consult with one of our counsellors about:

  • How to overcome study difficulties or other barriers to further study
  • How your future study aligns with your career goals
  • How to apply for credit for your previous study, life and work experience to gain entry to a course or reduce the time spent finishing another course
  • Course selection, including which course would best meet your needs
  • How to apply for degree programs at Sydney TAFE or other tertiary institutions and universities.

Learn more about TAFE to university pathways.

Job preparation and search

Sydney TAFE also offers students an employment service, Careers Connect. Careers Connect is sponsored by our Student Association and is available free of charge to our current students and recent graduates.

Careers Connect advertises jobs with employers wanting to recruit  TAFE students and graduates. It also offers job-seeking consultations, workshops and career-planning and resume-building tools.

Find out more about Careers Connect.

Networking with industry

Planning and developing your career involves connecting with your chosen industry. Our industry partnerships and relationships can help you to make those connections. Take advantage of the opportunities offered to attend guest lectures, industry events and site visits. Talk to your course teachers, they can be a wealth of industry advice. Many of our graduates have found networking with potential employers much easier thanks to their teachers' suggestions and the opportunities offered by us during their time at TAFE.

Feeling nervous? Don't feel confident networking? Our counsellors can help you to develop strategies to manage your nerves and build your confidence.

How to make an appointment to see a counsellor

To make an appointment you are welcome to phone, email or visit us between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

Location: Building A, room AG.17
Ph: 02 9598 6232