TVET students

TVET courses carry the same requirements as normal school courses. Attendance is mandatory unless prior consent is given. TAFE NSW requirements vary for each individual TVET course and will be clearly explained by the teacher at the start of your course.

If you have questions or concerns about your Petersham TVET course you can talk to your teacher, the TVET coordinator or a college counsellor.

2016 TVET first day orientation

The 2016 first day instructions for new and continuing TVET students are now available.

Download the Sydney TAFE 2016 TVET first day instructions/orientation Information (PDF 180 KB) document to find your orientation date, time and meeting place.

Work placement

As a part of many TVET courses you need to complete a specified number of unpaid hours in the work place. Work placement is compulsory in all industry curriculum framework courses (business services, construction, hospitality, entertainment, information technology, metal and engineering, primary industries, retail and tourism) as well as electrotechnology courses.

Work placement benefits students by providing knowledge of the industry you wish to enter and an awareness of its work environment. It gives you a chance to find out whether a particular industry is the one you wish to pursue a career in. Your TVET work placement can help you to develop the attitude and behaviour appropriate to an industry and to work in general. More generally, working in a professional environment enhances social skills by making you more confident and independent.

TVET work placement is usually organised by our work placement coordinators. However students may suggest a placement, subject to approval by a coordinator.


Completed forms should be submitted to your college TVET coordinator:

Contact Petersham College TVET Coordinator

Ph: 02 9335 2369
Fax: 02 9335 2330