TAFE student card

What it is and how to get it

TAFEcard is the TAFE NSW student identification card that is provided to you after you enrol in a TAFE NSW course.

Your TAFEcard is your student card

Your TAFEcard displays your photograph, name, student ID and a barcode. You should carry your TAFEcard whenever you are on college grounds and you must present it to any member of staff who asks to prove your identity.

Your TAFEcard must be produced for identification when sitting for TAFE NSW final examinations.

Your TAFEcard is not a travel concession card.

Get your photograph taken

As your TAFE card is your student ID card, you need to have a photograph taken during the enrolment process to receive your TAFEcard. It is compulsory for all students. It does not have an expiry date printed on it – when you re-enrol, your existing TAFEcard is automatically re-activated for your current enrolment year.

Treat your TAFEcard with care and do not allow it to be used by another person.

Your TAFEcard is a smart card

Your TAFEcard is a smart card which provides access to all TAFE NSW college libraries and can store value via a magnetic strip account. It can be used on a range of services which may be offered at your campus such as access to parking and classrooms, photocopying and printing.

Your TAFEcard is your Student Association card

If you choose to join the Student Association, your TAFEcard will be marked with the TAFE NSW Student Association identifier, entitling you to benefits on and off campus. There is a 50% discount on photocopying when you join the Student Association.

Your TAFEcard is your library card

You will need to produce your TAFEcard to borrow or renew TAFE library items. There are conditions of use associated with the card when you use for library services.

Conditions of use of TAFECard for library borrowing

Borrowing library items indicates acceptance of the following conditions:

  1. The cardholder accepts responsibility for all library items issued on the TAFEcard and agrees to return all items directly to the issuing library by the due date, which can be confirmed by enquiry. Items must be returned directly to the issuing library by the Cardholder.
  2. If items are not returned directly to the issuing TAFE NSW library by the due date, the cardholder agrees to pay all fines and/or replacement costs incurred.
  3. Where items are damaged during the loan period, items must be paid for or replaced. Minor damage pre-loan is recorded by the librarian on the due date slip.
  4. Library privileges will be suspended if an item is kept past the due date or items are returned damaged or incomplete.
  5. The TAFEcard is for the use of the person named only.
  6. The cardholder must notify their home library of the TAFEcard’s loss or theft as soon as possible. Cardholders are responsible for all transactions up until the notification of the TAFEcard’s loss.
  7. The college administration must be notified promptly of any changes of address, telephone number or other personal details.
  8. The library facilities of the TAFEcard are valid only for the period which is shown on the library’s records. Renewal of cards will only occur on continuing enrolment or TAFENSW employment.

TAFEcard customer service

You should contact Petersham College's Customer Service Centre – or the college at which you're enrolled – if you have:

  • Missed the TAFEcard enrolment photographic session
  • Experience problems using your TAFEcard, or
  • Lost or damaged your TAFEcard – a $20 replacement fee applies.