Rights and responsibilities

Student rights

Students have a right to:

  • Be treated fairly and with respect and courtesy by TAFE NSW staff and students
  • A safe learning environment free from discrimination and harassment
  • Be provided with course and subject information including an outline of the subject, assessment requirements, health and safety requirements and information about support services. This should be provided within the first week of class
  • Receive regular information about their academic progress and a results notification sheet at the conclusion of the subject or module
  • Receive a testamur on successful completion of a qualification
  • A review of results or other decisions affecting their progress including an appeal if charged with a breach of student discipline
  • Facilities, equipment and qualified teaching staff that meet program and/or curriculum specifications
  • Recognition of prior learning and life experiences
  • Privacy concerning TAFE NSW records containing personal information, subject to statutory requirements
  • Lodge a complaint or suggestion for improvement without fear of retaliation or victimisation.

Student responsibilities

Students have a responsibility to:

  • Treat other students and TAFE NSW staff with respect and fairness and not behave in a way that could offend, embarrass or vilify others
  • Follow any reasonable direction given by a member of TAFE NSW staff
  • Follow all safety practices and instructions
  • Do all assessment tasks and examinations honestly and not engage in plagiarism, collusion or cheating
  • Abide by the TAFE NSW  – Sydney Institute Computer Users Code of Conduct
  • Return or renew library resources by the due date.

Students have a responsibility to not:

  • Litter, swear or spit
  • Drink or eat in classrooms and other learning areas
  • Harass fellow students or staff
  • Threaten or assault fellow students or staff
  • Damage, steal, modify or misuse TAFE NSW property
  • Consume alcohol on TAFE NSW premises
  • Be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs
  • Smoke in classrooms, learning areas, TAFE NSW buildings, or near doorways and windows
  • Disrupt classes or other activities by using mobile phones, pagers or other electronic devices
  • Carry or use any prohibited weapons or prohibited drugs on TAFE NSW premises.


Every Student's Guide to Assessment provides information about assessment in the form of frequently asked questions and answers on the way students are assessed in TAFE NSW.

Making a complaint

If you have a complaint or suggestion about any aspect of our service at Sydney TAFE, we encourage you to talk to someone as soon as the situation arises. It is usually best to discuss your concerns with the staff member involved first. However, you may make your complaint or suggestion to any staff member, preferably at the college where the issue has arisen.

Please see Making a complaint at TAFE for the process that we follow in ensuring complaints are dealt with appropriately.

Alternatively, you may wish to fill in the TAFE NSW Online Enquiry - General Enquiry form to provide your comments and suggestions. This information will be forwarded to the appropriate person to deal with the complaint.  

We are committed to resolving your complaint as fairly and as quickly as possible.