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Most courses are made up of different ‘units of competency’. Your enrolment fee covers your first attempt to complete a unit of competency. If you receive a 'Withdrawn/Fail' or 'Not Yet Competent' result, you will need to pay a fee to re-enrol to try again to complete the unit.

If you need to repeat a unit, three ‘repeat’ options are, where possible, made available. Talk with your teacher or head teacher to find out which of the three below options are available, and to see which might be most suitable for you:

  • Assessment only - you can simply repeat the assessment without any extra tuition
  • Tuition and assessment - Sydney TAFE assesses your needs, and arranges and delivers targeted tuition; after this extra tuition, you then repeat the assessment
  • Repeat the whole unit - the full unit and its related assessment is repeated

The fee you need to pay to repeat a unit depends on which ‘repeat’ option you choose and the unit’s price band (your teacher or head teacher will explain this in greater detail when you discuss repeating a unit with them).


To withdraw from your course and seek a refund, you must complete the Withdrawal Application Form (you can get this from your college Customer Service Centre) and post or return it to your campus of enrolment.

When you withdraw from your course you will be asked if you are deferring or discontinuing your studies.

Read more about requesting a refund before completing the withdrawal/refund form.

Deferring your studies

If you are enrolling into government subsidised training you can defer your course up to 12 months from your formal application. If you return to your studies within 12 months, your Smart and Skilled Student or Concession fee will not change.

If you do not return to study within this 12 month period, your student record will be updated to show you as 'withdrawn and discontinuing' your study.

Discontinuing your studies

You have discontinued your studies if you have decided to end your studies in your enrolled qualification, or you have not returned to study within 12 months of your initial deferral.

If you wish to return to complete your qualification, you will be reassessed against the Smart and Skilled eligibility and entitlement criteria, current at that time, to determine your Student fee or eligibility for a Concession fee or fee exemption. 

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