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- Statement of Attainment


Aboriginal Cultural Education - Statement of Attainment

Access to Vocational Pathways - Certificate I

Access to Work and Training - Certificate I

Advanced English for Further Study - Certificate III

Advanced fire Fighting - Statement of Attainment

Advanced Handbuilding with Clay - TAFE Statement

Advanced Mould Making and Slip Casting - TAFE Statement

Advanced Wheel Thrown Ceramics 1 - TAFE Statement

AMSA Continued Training - Statement of Attainment

Art Direction for Short Films - Statement of Attainment

Art of Graphic Design - TAFE Statement

Arts Business Part 1 – Business and Finance Basics - Statement of Attainment

Arts Business Part 2 – Marketing and Copyright Basics - Statement of Attainment

AutoCAD Level 1 - TAFE Statement

AutoCAD Level 2 - TAFE Statement


Black and White photographic printing - TAFE Statement

Blacksmithing Advanced Skills - TAFE Plus Statement

Brazilian Waxing - TAFE Statement

Bridge Resource Management - TAFE Statement

Bridge Resource Management - TAFE Statement

Building Surveying - Advanced Diploma

Business - Certificate IV

Business - Diploma

Business Administration - Certificate III

Business Administration - Certificate IV

Business Administration - Diploma


Camera Action Print - Statement of Attainment

Captive Animals - Certificate III

Choreography for school shows - TAFE Statement

Cloud computing for small organisations - TAFE Statement

Cocktail Making - TAFE Statement

Companion Animal Services - Certificate IV

Conveyancing - Advanced Diploma


Database Boost - TAFE Statement

Databases - Statement of Attainment

Dementia Support - Service Delivery - Statement of Attainment

Dental Assisting - Certificate III

Digital Illustration Techniques - Statement of Attainment

Digital Marketing Communications - Statement of Attainment

Digital Retail Customer Experience - Statement of Attainment

Dog Training - Statement of Attainment

Dog Training Insight Workshop - TAFE Statement


Early Childhood Education and Care - Certificate III

Early Childhood Education and Care - Diploma

Early Years Bush Connections - TAFE Statement

Electrotechnology Electrician - Certificate III

Elementary English Language Skills - Course

Espresso Coffee Skills - Statement of Attainment

Essentials of Importing and Exporting - Statement of Attainment

Essentials to Working in a Warehouse Distribution Centre - Statement of Attainment

Events - Certificate III

Eyelash Extensions - TAFE Statement


Fitness - Certificate III

Fitness - Certificate IV

Food and Beverage - Statement of Attainment

Food Processing - Certificate III

Food Safety Supervision - Statement of Attainment

Food Safety Supervision - Statement of Attainment


GMDSS Operations - Statement of Attainment

GMDSS Revalidation - Statement of Attainment

GMDSS Revalidation - TAFE Statement

Graphic Design for school events and festivals - TAFE Statement


Hospitality - Certificate IV

Hospitality Management - Advanced Diploma

Hospitality Management - Diploma

Hospitality Revenue Yield Management - TAFE Statement

Human Resources - Certificate IV

Human Resources Management - Diploma

HVAC and BMS Controls - Statement of Attainment


Illustrating Books for Children - Statement of Attainment

Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community) - Certificate III

Information Technology Networking - Certificate IV

Interior Design and Decoration - Diploma

International Trade - Certificate IV

Interpreting (Korean-English) - Diploma

Interpreting (Mandarin-English) - Diploma

Introduction to Digital Photography - TAFE Statement

Introduction to Fine Arts Black and White - TAFE Plus Statement

Introduction to Handbuilding with Clay - TAFE Statement

Introduction to SFX Makeup for Film & Theatre - Statement of Attainment

Introduction to Wheel Thrown Ceramics - TAFE Statement

iPhone Apps with Swift (Introduction) - TAFE Statement


Keyboarding: Speed and Accuracy Test - Statement of Attainment


Leadership and Management - Advanced Diploma

Leadership and Management - Certificate IV

Leadership and Management - Diploma

Learn Adobe Creative Suite | Illustrator skills - TAFE Statement

Learn Adobe Creative Suite | InDesign skills - TAFE Statement

Learn Adobe Creative Suite | Photoshop skills - TAFE Statement

Library Job Readiness - Statement of Attainment

Logistics/Waste Management Safety - Statement of Attainment


Make & paint basic props for school shows - TAFE Statement

Make & paint basic scenery for school shows - TAFE Statement

Make a short animated film (stop frame) - TAFE Statement

Make Puppets for School Productions - TAFE Statement

Make-up techniques for stage and events - TAFE Statement

Marine Engineering Revalidation Part A&C - TAFE Statement

Marine Revalidation Part A - TAFE Statement

Marine Revalidation Part B - TAFE Statement

Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal) - Certificate II

Maritime Operations (General Purpose Hand Near Coastal) - Certificate I

Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 Near Coastal) - Certificate II

Maritime Operations (Master up to 35 metres Near Coastal) - Certificate IV

Marketing and Communication - Diploma

Multimedia and libraries - Statement of Attainment


Nail Enhancement - Statement of Attainment

New Small Business - Certificate IV


Pet Grooming - Certificate III

Photoshop for Photographers 1 - TAFE Statement

Photoshop for Photographers 2 - TAFE Statement

Photoshop for school photography - TAFE Statement

Print Manufacturing - Certificate III

Printing - Certificate III

Proficiency Survival Craft - Statement of Attainment

Project Management - Diploma

Project Management Practice - Certificate IV

Prosthetics for school productions and events - TAFE Statement

Provide First Aid - Statement of Attainment

Public Sector Procurement & Contracts Management - Statement of Attainment

Public Sector Skill Set - Statement of Attainment


Quality Auditing - Diploma


Restricted - Disconnection/reconnection of fixed wired low voltage motors - Statement of Attainment

Retail - Certificate III

Retail Services - Certificate II

Retail Team Leader - Statement of Attainment

Rigging for High Risk Work - Statement of Attainment


Scaffolding for High Risk Work - Statement of Attainment

Screen and Media - Certificate IV

Security and Risk Management - Diploma

Sewing techniques for school shows and events - TAFE Statement

SFX Make-up Techniques for stage and events - TAFE Statement

Ship security Awareness - Statement of Attainment

Sport and Recreation Management - Diploma

Spray Tanning - TAFE Statement

STCW 95 - Statement of Attainment

Stop Frame Animation - Statement of Attainment

Strata and Community Title Property Management - Statement of Attainment

Styling costumes for school shows and events - TAFE Statement


Tourism - Certificate III

Traditional Illustration Techniques - Statement of Attainment

Training Design and Development - Diploma

Travel - Certificate III

Travel and Tourism - Certificate IV


Use ECDIS to maintain safe navigation - Statement of Attainment


Veterinary Nursing - Certificate IV

Visual Artist Masterclass (1 Day) @ CEAD - TAFE Statement

Visual Artist Masterclass (2 Day) @ CEAD - TAFE Statement

Visual Artist Masterclass (2 Day) @ CEAD - TAFE Statement

Visual Mechandising Series 3 - Computer Technology - Statement of Attainment

Visual Mechandising Series 4 - Design - Statement of Attainment

Visual Merchandising Series 1 - Merchandising - Statement of Attainment

Visual Merchandising Series 1 - Merchandising - Statement of Attainment


Watch and Clock Service and Repair - Certificate III

Web Development using WordPress - TAFE Statement

Web Development with C# (Introduction) - TAFE Statement

Web Development with Java (Introduction) - TAFE Statement

Work Health and Safety - Certificate IV

Work Health and Safety - Diploma

Work Health and Safety - Statement of Attainment