Financial assistance

You may be eligible for financial assistance such as a concession, an exemption, a Smart and Skilled subsidy, a loan such as a VET Student Loan or FEE-HELP, or a scholarship.

Information about other types of assistance including Youth Allowance, Austudy, Abstudy and Pensioner Education Supplement, may be obtained from Centrelink.



Concession fees

Concession fees are lower, between $80 and $240 depending on the qualification level of the course, than full or subsidised training fees.
Students enrolling into government subsidised training who are eligible for a concession fee include:

  • Commonwealth welfare recipients
  • Dependent child, spouse or partner of a Commonwealth welfare recipient.

If you are eligible for a concession, you may also be eligible for a Smart and Skilled fee-free scholarship.

TAFE NSW Concession Fee application form (PDF)


An exemption means that you will not need to pay the student fee for your qualification. You may still have to pay some other costs, for example, costs for essential equipment which you will keep at the end of your course (see Fees and charges for more information). Students enrolling into government-subsidised training who are eligible for a fee exemption include:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Students with a disability
  • Dependent child, spouse or partner of a recipient of a Disability Support Pension.

From 2016 the fee exemption applies to any government subsidised course which you start.

TAFE NSW Fee Exemption application form (PDF).

Trade Suppor​t loans

Trade Support loans are loans paid in instalments totalling up to $20,000 during an Australian Apprenticeship. These loans assist apprentices with everyday costs while they complete their apprenticeship.

Go to the Australian Apprenticeships website for further information.

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