Fees, payment and refunds

Your course fee depends on the qualification level of the course you choose and the course itself, and:

  • whether you have completed a previous qualification and what type of qualification it was
  • whether you live in NSW and are an Australian citizen or permanent resident; or you are an international student or temporary resident
  • whether you’re offered a Government subsidised (Smart and Skilled) or full-fee place.

There are various concessions or exemptions available for eligible students as well as opportunities to receive financial assistance.



Paying your fees

You must make a payment towards your course fee at the time you enrol. That payment secures your place in the course, and when you make it you’ll be considered officially enrolled in your Sydney TAFE course.

If your course fee is less than $500 or the duration is shorter than 12 weeks, all fees need to be paid in full at enrolment.

For courses which are eligible for a VET Student Loan, the fee for the first unit of study must be paid or you must have been approved for a VET Student Loan before the census date.

You can pay your course fees, instalments and other related charges by:

  • Credit card — MasterCard or Visa
  • Cheque or money order payable to ‘TAFE NSW’

Sydney TAFE does not accept cash.

Paying in instalments

You can pay in instalments if:

  • your course fee is $500 or more or you are a concession student, and
  • your course is 12 weeks or more in duration

Instalments for fees $1,000 and over

You need to pay your first instalment when you enrol. Instalments are then to be paid each month between February and November by the close of the last working day before the 15th of each month. No payments are due in January or December.

The number of instalments depends on the length of your course. Instalments are divided evenly into the 10-month TAFE year (February to November). For example, you would pay 10 instalments for a single-year course or 20 instalments for a two-year course (monthly except December and January).

Instalments for fees between $500 and $1,000

Your first instalment is 50% of the course fee due at enrolment, and needs to be made when you enrol. A second instalment of the 50% balance is due at the mid-point of your course.

Concession fees of $160 or $240

Your first instalment is 50% of the course fee due at enrolment, and needs to be made when you enrol. A second instalment of the 50% balance is due after three months.

Missing an instalment

If you do not pay your instalment by the due date, you will be contacted and asked to pay. If your instalment remains outstanding for more than 21 days from the due date, you will lose access to online services and transcripts/testamurs will be withheld.

Instalments for VET Student Loan courses

If your course is eligible for a VET Student Loan and you cannot or do not wish to meet the VET Student Loans eligibility requirements, you must pay for each Unit of Study by its census date.

Instalments for employers with apprentices or trainees

For Smart and Skilled apprenticeships and traineeships, third party payees such as employers and sponsors can pay twice per year for the duration of the apprenticeship or traineeship i.e. a three year apprenticeship can be paid in six instalments.

Additional costs

In addition to your course fee, there may be costs for essential equipment and materials e.g.:

  • Protective clothing, chef knives, licence fees, textbooks etc. these become your property
  • Field trips, food, transport and accommodation costs associated with the provision of field trips that form part of the training.

For some courses you must purchase and wear a uniform or protective clothing. Entry to the class will be refused unless the required uniform or protective clothing is worn.

Information about additional costs and essential equipment will be provided to you during the enrolment process.


If Sydney TAFE cancels your course, you will receive a refund on the fees you have paid.

You may also receive a refund:

  • if you receive RPL and credit for part of your course, meaning there are units you don’t have to study
  • if you leave a course after completing the requirements for a qualification lower than the qualification you originally enrolled in
  • in exceptional circumstances.

Refunds after your course has started cannot amount to more than 80% of the course fee.

There are no refunds for:

  • short courses (courses less than one term or nine weeks in duration)
  • part qualifications or concessions after commencement.

Government-subsidised and fee-for-service courses are governed by the same refund policy. For more information read the full TAFE NSW Refund Policy (PDF).

There are different refund provisions where students use VET Student Loans, VET FEE-HELP and FEE-HELP to pay for their course.

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