Diploma of Textile Design and Development

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    Course description and aims

    This qualification provides skills and knowledge required to undertake specialised technical and design roles within textile enterprises.

    It is intended for those involved in the design and production of textiles, such as screen printed, woven, knitted, tapestry and experimental fabrics and textile products.

    There are no specific licences that relate to this qualification. However, some units in this qualification may have licensing or regulatory requirements in some environments. Local regulations should be checked for details.

    Course outcomes and careers

    Dyehouse Supervisor
    Textile Technologist
    Textiles Assistant Production Manager
    Textiles Design Assistant
    Textiles Designer

    Entry requirements

    There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

    Enrol at any location

    Full Time
    Course start:
    Mon 12 Feb 2018
    Course duration:
    1 Year
    Financial Assistance:
    VET Student Loan
    17.5 Hours per week
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    Attend the following information session to meet with the teaching staff, discuss the course and get more information about enrolment and next steps.

    Thursday 7, December 2017, at 6:00pm at Ultimo College, Main Campus, 651-731 Harris Street, building E, level 2, room E2.08.

    Indicative timetable:

    You will need to attend approximately 18 hours of class a week over 3 days. An indication of how your weekly timetable may look will be discussed on your orientation.

    How to enrol or apply:


    Before you enrol you must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Visit http://www.usi.gov.au/students/create-your-usi to request a USI. Remember to add Sydney TAFE to your account via the Manage Permissions page (code: 90003, name: TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute).

    Find out more about applying and enrolling: http://www.sydneytafe.edu.au/courses/applying-and-enrolling

    Fee information:


    This course is approved for a Commonwealth VET Student Loan (VSL). If you meet the VSL eligibility and academic suitability requirements, you are able to apply to the Commonwealth for a loan to cover all or part of your course fee. We will ask you whether you would like to apply for a VET Student Loan when you enrol and advise you of the process.

    The loan cap for this course is $15,225.00 . This means the maximum amount you can borrow for each unit of study is $3,807, and you will need to directly pay the remaining $2,506 for each Unit of Study.

    Find out more about VET Student Loans at http://studyassist.gov.au/sites/studyassist/vet%20student%20loans/pages/vet%20student%20loans

    Direct payment by Unit of Study instalments is available for this course.

    The Units of Study and associated fees for this course are detailed below. Fees are charged on the census day for each unit of study. To secure a loan for part or all of your course, you must be eligible and submit a valid application to the Commonwealth for a VET Student Loan. You may withdraw prior to the census date without incurring a fee.

    Find out about recognition: http://www.sydneytafe.edu.au/courses/recognition


    Fees, payment and refunds: http://www.sydneytafe.edu.au/courses/fees-and-charges

    Financial assistance: http://www.sydneytafe.edu.au/courses/financial-assistance

    Units of Study

    CodeNameStart DateEnd DateCensusAmount
    UOS VSL-Diploma of Textile Design and Development 2018/02/122018/04/272018/04/03$6313.00
    UOS VSL-Diploma of Textile Design and Development 2018/04/302018/07/132018/06/04$6313.00
    UOS VSL-Diploma of Textile Design and Development 2018/07/092018/09/212018/08/06$6313.00
    UOS VSL-Diploma of Textile Design and Development 2018/09/242018/12/072018/11/05$6311.00


    NumberSubject nameNominal hours
    CUARES503Analyse cultural history and theory70
    MSTGN4004Analyse TCF merchandising and marketing principles60
    MSTTD4007Analyse textile design influences100
    MSTTD4012Analyse use of colour in textiles30
    MSTTD4009Assist in the development of textile designs50
    MSTGN4007Contribute to the development of products or processes50
    MSTFD5009Cost production of fashion or textile designs40
    MSTTD5004Design and produce experimental textiles120
    MSTTD5005Design and produce printed textiles120
    BSBMKG609Develop a marketing plan50
    MSTTD5008Develop textile designs and specifications60
    MSTTD5007Develop textile designs using computer-based design programs100
    MSTTD4011Estimate costs for development of textile designs20
    MSTTD5006Exhibit textile designs or products50
    BSBCRT403Explore the history and social impact of creativity50
    MSTGN2011Identify fibres, fabrics and textiles used in the TCF industry80
    MSTGN5008Identify opportunities in the TCF market70
    MSTTX3001Identify quality and types of textile fibres, yarns and fabrics50
    MSTGN4010Implement and monitor WHS and environmental systems in the workplace50
    BSBDES501Implement design solutions60
    MSTFD3001Market design product to local outlets30
    MSTGN2009Operate computing technology in a TCF workplace50
    MSMENV272Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices30
    MSTGN5001Participate in production planning processes70
    MSTTD4002Prepare stencils and screens for textile printing60
    MSTTD4008Present and promote textile design concepts50
    MSTTD5010Produce computer-aided textile design folios100
    MSTTD5009Produce printed designs on woven and non-woven substrates120
    MSTTD4005Produce screen printed textiles80
    CUAACD501Refine drawing and other visual representation tools70
    MSTTX4004Select dyes and develop dye specification and recipe for production60
    MSTTX4002Understand and apply textile science50
    MSTTX4005Undertake textile colouration and finishing60
    MSTGN2003Work in the TCF industry40
    MSTGN2012Work safely with chemicals in TCF operations40



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