Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Certificate IV   NRT
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Mon 27 Nov 2017
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    Course description and aims

    This qualification is for people wanting to work with animals within a veterinary clinic or those already employed in the care of animals as a
    veterinary nurse.

    The qualification helps you develop the skills needed to perform veterinary nursing duties in a variety of workplace situations under minimal supervision. Duties include patient admission and discharge, office procedures, radiography, pathology, surgery, dental procedures, nursing animals and providing animal care advice to the public.

    It is essential that whilst undertaking this course you have access to a veterinary workplace through either paid employment or significant periods of work experience. This will allow you to practise what you have learnt and increase your experience working with others in this field.

    By completing this qualification you will be able to work in a team environment with veterinarians and other veterinary nurses to supply quality care to a range of sick and injured animals. You will be able to work safely in a variety of locations including examination rooms, surgical theatres, offices and outdoor animal facilities.

    Course outcomes and careers

    Veterinary nurse.


    After achieving this qualification you may be eligible to do:
    - ACM50212 Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (Surgical)
    - ACM50312 Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (Dental
    - ACM50412 Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (Emergency and Critical Care)
    - ACM50512 Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (General Practice)
    - qualifications relating to captive animals, companion animal services or
    animal technology.

    Expected Outcomes

    This Qualification is the industry Qualification for persons operating as
    veterinary nurses within veterinary clinics.

    Candidates should expect that access to a veterinary clinic whilst
    undertaking study for this Qualification will be essential for meeting
    assessment requirements. Access may be through either paid employment or
    substantial periods of work placement or work experience blocks. Candidates
    undertaking equine elective Units will require access to work experience and/or
    employment within an equine veterinary clinic or hospital.

    Job Roles
    The job role that this Qualification describes includes:
    - Veterinary nurse.

    Pathways into the Qualification
    Pathways for candidates considering this Qualification include:
    - direct entry
    - after achieving ACM20110 Certificate II in Animal Studies
    - vocational training and/or work experience related to veterinary nursing.

    Licensing/Regulatory Information
    There is a direct link between this Qualification and approval to perform
    veterinary nursing duties under the Western Australian (WA) Veterinary Surgeons
    Act 1960 as amended. The WA Veterinary Surgeons Board must approve qualified
    persons to carry out the duties of veterinary nurses and must authorise persons
    enrolled in approved courses to perform the duties of trainee veterinary nurses.
    Candidates should confirm the regulatory requirements that apply in their
    relevant state or territory. In addition, individual Units of Competency may
    specify relevant licensing, legislative and/or regulatory requirements.

    Entry requirements

    There are no entry requirements for this qualification.


    Pathways for candidates considering this qualification include:
    - direct entry
    - after achieving ACM20110 Certificate II in Animal Studies
    - vocational training and/or work experience related to veterinary nursing

    Enrol at any location

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    Mon 27 Nov 2017
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    18 Months
    6 Hours per week
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    About offering:

    This is a 100% online course. There are 4 study periods a year and each study period is 13 weeks long. You may start your course in any study period and should aim to complete the course within 2 years.

    You may choose 1 to 4 units within each study period and complete the Modules in order starting with Module 1. All assessments for the chosen units must be completed within the study period. Contact your online teacher if you wish to choose more than 4 units in any study period.

    The study sequence is
    Module 1 (ACMGAS202A, ACMGAS205A, ACMGAS208A, ACMVET202A)
    Module 2 (ACMVET201A, ACMGAS204A, ACMVET203A);
    Module 3 (ACMGAS301A, ACMVET401A, ACMVET404A, ACMWHS301A);
    Module 4 (ACMVET402A, ACMVET407A, ACMVET406A, ACMGAS302A);
    Module 5 (ACMINF301A, ACMGAS303A, ACMVET409A, ACMCAS409A);
    Module 6 (ACMVET403A, ACMVET405A, ACMVET408A, ACMVET410A).
    Each unit is $224

    All units are available in each study period.

    Study Period dates for 2017 are:
    SP1 27/2/17 - 28/5/17
    SP2 29/5/17 - 27/8/17
    SP3 28/8/17 - 26/11/17
    SP4 27/11/17 - 25/02/2018

    Please contact your Course Coordinator Erica Steppat on 02 9217 3112 or email Erica.Steppat@tafensw.edu.au / Head Teacher Kerry Nichol on 9217 3954 or email Kerry.Nichol@tafensw.edu.au for unit enrolment.

    How to enrol or apply:


    Before you enrol you must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Visit http://www.usi.gov.au/students/create-your-usi to request a USI. Remember to add Sydney TAFE to your account via the Manage Permissions page (code: 90003, name: TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute).

    Find out more about applying and enrolling: http://www.sydneytafe.edu.au/courses/applying-and-enrolling

    Fee information:


    Recognition is a process of acknowledging previously completed qualifications, skills, knowledge or experience relevant to your course. This may reduce the amount of learning required, reduce your course fees and allow you to achieve your qualification faster.

    Find out more about recognition: http://www.sydneytafe.edu.au/courses/recognition


    Fees, payment and refunds: http://www.sydneytafe.edu.au/courses/fees-and-charges

    Financial assistance: http://www.sydneytafe.edu.au/courses/financial-assistance

    Other Information:

    Students must have access to a veterinary clinic for at least 2 days (16 hours) per week while enrolled in the course. This can be paid or voluntary work experience. If volunteering you will be covered by TAFE insurance while enrolled. This work placement must include nursing duties and you will need to provide your teacher with a letter of confirmation of your work placement arrangement or employment with the organisation where you will be employed or hosted. You’ll also need to nominate a workplace ‘Veterinary Supervisor’ for the duration of your studies. This can be a senior veterinary nurse, practice manager or owner.

    You should have reliable internet access and reasonable computer skills. You will also need access to video recording equipment to complete some of the assessment tasks.


    NumberSubject nameNominal hours
    ACMVET402AApply imaging routines60
    ACMGAS205AAssist in health care of animals20
    ACMVET203AAssist with surgery preparation30
    ACMVET202ACarry out daily clinic routines30
    ACMVET407ACarry out medical nursing routines60
    ACMVET405ACarry out surgical nursing routines60
    ACMVET410ACarry out veterinary dental nursing procedures60
    ACMVET201ACarry out veterinary nursing reception duties30
    ACMINF301AComply with infection control policies and procedures in animal work30
    ACMWHS301AContribute to workplace health and safety processes30
    ACMVET408ACoordinate and perform theatre routines60
    ACMVET401ACoordinate patient admission and discharge60
    ACMGAS204AFeed and water animals20
    ACMGAS301AMaintain and monitor animal health and wellbeing30
    ACMVET406ANurse animals60
    ACMGAS202AParticipate in workplace communications20
    ACMVET404APerform clinic office procedures60
    ACMVET403APerform clinic pathology procedures60
    ACMGAS303APlan for and provide nutritional requirements for animals30
    ACMSPE305AProvide basic care of domestic cats20
    ACMGAS302AProvide enrichment for animals30
    ACMVET409AProvide specific animal care advice60
    ACMGAS208ASource information for animal care needs20




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