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Sat 12 Aug 2017
 –   Ultimo
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    Course description and aims

    Vicki Austin professional dog trainer with over 20 years of experience, will be
    presenting the effective use of reward based techniques and how to identify,
    when a well considered punishment maybe the more humane approach inspired by
    Author Steven R Lindsay handbook of Applied Dog Behaviour and Training, Volumes
    1, 2, and 3 which advocates a philosophical approach to train a dog hence the
    term cynopraxic training.

    This course will explore the human / dog relationship and students will learn
    the brilliant simplicity of training demonstrated by a range of techniques of
    positive reinforcement under operant / instrumental conditioning. It also
    investigates the role of pavlovian / classical conditioning in training
    concluding with how and when the use of positive punishment under operant
    conditioning is appropriate and its possible side effects.

    This full day workshop also identifies and explores Industry Occupational Health
    and Safety standards.

    This presentation is suitable for anyone working in the dog training industry or
    participating in dog sports. It will give the uninitiated an introduction to the
    joys and complexities of dog training.

    Topics include:
    - identify and respond to animal behaviour;
    - maintain occupational health and safety processes;
    - class instruction technique.

    Course outcomes and careers

    Entry requirements

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    Part Time Day
    Course start:
    Sat 12 Aug 2017
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    1 Week
    7 Hours per week
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