Website accessibility

Sydney TAFE is committed to a continuous improvement process regarding website accessibility. Below is an outline of the steps we have taken with this website to ensure we achieve this.

Site accessibility


Every image conveying information uses ALT attributes to describe the image in text format, enabling screen readers to read it.

Text sizing

The text size can be changed using standard browser tools. Options for changing text size:

  • For Internet Explorer and Firefox: Hold down the CTRL key and roll the mouse wheel forward or backward to increase or decrease font size; or hold CTRL key and click on + or – key
  • Resize font by clicking on AA on the bottom of each page within the site.


All pages are usable when scripts, applets, or other programmatic objects are turned off or not supported.


If you don't have software/plug-in to display PDF documents, you can use Adobe conversion online tools or download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Other ways for you to improve your access to this site

Upgrade your browser

This site is designed for most Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, and it is best viewed using Internet Explorer 8 or higher, and Firefox 3.6 or higher. Information on upgrading your browser is available from Newer browsers include more accessibility and usability features. These upgrades are free.

Customise your browser

You can control how a web browser displays information. This includes changing the body text font type and size, foreground and background colours, and using keyboard shortcuts. For more information on how to customise your Internet Explorer browser look up 'Internet options' in the Help index in Internet Explorer's Help menu. If you are on another browser look up something similar in the Help index.

Adaptive technologies

A range of adaptive technologies can also be utilised to enhance your access to information on this site. These include equipment which is purpose-built or modified to help people with disabilities to access the web.