Laboratory Sciences

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Why Sydney TAFE is better

All Sydney TAFE teachers have worked in the industry for at least five years and many are still active in the industry or work closely with industry bodies.

Not only do our teachers know the latest industry standards and practices, they know employers in the industry. The networks you make with the help of your teachers at Sydney TAFE can set you up for a great laboratory sciences career.

Teacher connects with industry

Jeanette Ramos exemplifies the Sydney TAFE teaching approach – she is a qualified food technologist with a number of postgraduate courses in the field. She worked extensively in the industry and taught at the University of New South Wales as a food science lecturer, before coming to Sydney TAFE where she is now a head teacher.

Jeanette always liaises closely with the food and chemical industries - particularly involving training issues – to ensure Sydney TAFE laboratory science and pathology courses are the best and most up to date.

Degrees of teaching excellence

Sydney TAFE laboratory science teacher Virginia Jacques has an honours degree in microbiology, and a postgraduate diploma in education and training.

She is microbiologist and biochemist in her own right, having worked in Australia and the USA.

Virginia has worked as a microbiologist for Nestle, Mauri Bros and Thompson Research Laboratories and at the University of NSW in bioprocess engineering, researching cheese starter cultures.

Virginia has also taught at three universities as well as Sydney TAFE.

Real training for the laboratory-related workplace

Sydney TAFE facilities are state-of-the-art, industry-standard facilities so you’re ready for any workplace.

We have specialist facilities such as product development and sensory testing facilities. Our learning environments are as industry-realistic as possible with equipment currently used by modern industry enterprises. 

We have a work-simulated and industry-standard food processing, food microbiology and food analysis, and instrumentation laboratory. We have been awarded a two gold star rating by the industry in food processing.