Respected massage therapy qualification

Career facts

  • Job prospects are good, with 14,200 massage therapists practicing in Australia and strong employment growth predicted for the occupation over the next five years
  • Massage therapists are employed in health and fitness centers, sports clubs, gyms, medical centers, private practice and retail outlets
  • Average weekly earnings are approximately $600 – however there are many opportunities to work as a self-employed therapist operating your own business

Career facts

  • Assistant to other health practitioner
  • Massage therapist
  • Massage therapy practitioner
  • Remedial massage therapist
  • Remedial therapist
  • Sports massage therapist

Why study with us?

  • Get a high level nationally recognised qualification from a respected industry training provider
  • Practice your skills in dedicated massage clinics with real clients
  • Gain industry experience while you study under trained professionals
  • Study full-time or part-time while you work in paid employment
  • Flexible training options to meet your needs plus recognition of your past experience

Your skills and interests

  • Do you enjoy working with people and have a positive, caring attitude?
  • Do you have good communication and organisational skills?
  • Are you physically fit and in good health?
  • Are you interested in or do you enjoy natural and remedial therapies like massage and reflexology?

Course details and enrolment

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