Media, Film, 3D Art & Animation

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An animated future

Looking for a career in 3D animation in the gaming or film industries? Do you love the art and drama of storytelling? Studying 3D art and animation means you can blend your creativity with technical skill to produce fantastic pieces of digital art and work with other others who share your passion.

You could become a visual effects artist, technical director, animator or modeller working in design and production, film, animation, gaming or the arts. With Sydney TAFE you’ll have all the training you need in an industry that demands computer programming masters with a great imagination.

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Sydney TAFE is designed for you

Sydney TAFE gives you the advantage whatever the stage of your career.

  • Leaving school? Chose the course that’s right for you – our programs start with Design Fundamentals and progress to a bachelor degree.
  • Launching your career? Gain the industry experience you need in work placements and modern studio environments.
  • Time for a change? We recognise your previous prior learning and experience, so you can build on your existing skills as you forge a new career.

A creative media future

Do you love bringing stories to life? Studying film and TV can lead to an exciting career as a producer, cinematographer or film director. You could work as part of a production crew or become a camera operator, editor or studio manager.

At Sydney TAFE you’ll master real skills using industry-realistic equipment. You can choose from a range of film courses or focus on television. You’ll learn the specialised knowledge and skills that you need to work in the fascinating world of media, film, animation or digital media.

From Sydney TAFE to a degree

Create your own pathway from a diploma-level course to a Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation at Sydney TAFE’s Design Centre Enmore.

Some higher level courses offer credit transfer so you can fast-track your degree after you finish your Sydney TAFE course.

You may also gain credit towards degrees at:

• University of Sydney
• University Technology, Sydney
• Raffles College of Design and Commerce
• Whitehouse.

Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation at Sydney TAFE

The Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation is a specialist degree with a strong emphasis on the development of technical skills. Students will gain a firm understanding of the demands of working in fast-paced collaborative production environments and acquire both a theoretical and practical grounding in art and animation principles.

Your own diploma-to-degree pathway

Want to study a Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation at Sydney TAFE? You might receive up to two years from your previous studies or significant relevant industry experience.

Build new career skills

Sydney TAFE offers you the opportunity of adding value to your skill-set through other programs, from a certificate in advertising to a diploma in management.

You may be interested in other Sydney TAFE career areas

• Fine Arts and Ceramics
• Graphic Design
• Film and TV
• Information Technology (IT)

Sydney TAFE and your career in film and TV

Sydney TAFE gives you the advantage whatever the stage of your career.

Leaving school? Learn all aspects of film and TV production and learn foundation skills in state-of-the-art facilities.

Launching your career? Take advantage of Sydney TAFE's great reputation and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Time for a change? Our TV and film courses can help you showcase your work and make valuable industry connections.

A Girl And A Gun - Episode 37 - Gulpilil Cannes Do

Produce a television show

Meet ‘Girl and A Gun’, Sydney TAFE’s very own weekly TV show. Produced, directed, edited by our students and supported by all our staff. For students who want to get hands on with creating content and filmmaking this is your opportunity to get involved in one of 8 full episodes each and every semester.