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Sydney TAFE employs 2,400 teachers, and 900 colleagues who support our training and education such as librarians, customer service, child care, teaching and learning support, managers and business support  staff at our head office and seven colleges.

Working for us is truly a unique opportunity to join an organisation with a proud history and to be part of an organisation working in a commercially competitive environment with a continued passion for serving the community of NSW.

As we are proud of who we are and what we do, we set high standards for people who work for us, please read our Code of Conduct which sets out the standards of behaviour all our employees are held accountable to.

Vacancies and how to apply

Jobs that are available to the general public are advertised on

As Sydney TAFE is part of the NSW Government we choose staff to work with us based on merit selection. When you apply for a job through jobs NSW a recruitment selection panel will select the person whose skills, knowledge, personal qualities and experience best match the job requirements. The information you provide as an applicant  in a written application, at interview and other assessment processes and checks enables the selection panel to compare all applicants against selection criteria.

Our recruitment process

The basic recruitment process for NSW Government positions is very similar to the majority of private sector employers:

  • Find a job
  • Submit an application for the job
  • Applications are reviewed by a selection panel
  • Interview and assessment of shortlisted applicants
  • Selection of preferred applicant (may include referee checks, etc.)
  • Appointment.

Contact us

If you would like to make further inquiries about working with Sydney TAFE  please contact the Recruitment Team on ph: 02 9217 4152.

Work Health and Safety for contractors

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 an employer, now known as a ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU), has a primary duty of care to all workers. The Act includes contractors, subcontractors and employees of contractors within the definition of ‘workers’ (Section 28). 

How does Sydney Institute support WHS for contractors?

In order to comply with the new legislation Sydney Institute has developed the Contractor Safety Program which provides guidance on managing contractors, induction training for contractors and other health and safety advice.

Be Safe at TAFE: Information for contractors

The following Be Safe at TAFE – WHS brochures are provided for contractors at your location. The information is to assist you in carrying out your WHS responsibilities in the health and safety of contractors.

Design Centre Enmore College  /  Eora College  /  Petersham Crystal Street campus / Annandale campus  /  Petersham West Street campus  /  Randwick College  /  St George College  /  Sutherland Gymea campus Sutherland Loftus campus  /  Ultimo College.

Students and visitors

Please see our Health and safety on campus page for information specific to your location:

Design Centre Enmore College  /  Eora College  /  Petersham Crystal Street campus and Annandale campus  /  Petersham West Street campus  /  Randwick College St George College  /  Sutherland Gymea campus  /  Sutherland Loftus campus  /  Ultimo College.

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Get in touch with our career and course counsellors for some personalised assistance.

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